Thursday, November 6, 2008

The courtship of Autumn!

I've been 3 weeks into not exercising and BOY! Do I feel it. I'm not sleeping as well, my finger joints are beginning to ache, my pants are tighter, my mood is sometimes sour. Oh dear! I'm realizing that I need to do something as long as I can do something. So, it's goodbye once again to carefree days and evenings. I really enjoyed not having to go work-out! Maybe some yoga in the family room with the occasional turbo-kick will do the trick.

One thing I'm definately enjoying lately is the weather. It's cool and crisp and the trees are full of gold and red and orange hues -- it's like being surrounded by all this warmth amidst the coolness of autumn. The apples are so sweet and crunchy, and we're eating lots of fragrant stews and soups with dense, crusty breads. Everyone's wearing their slippers, and throw blankets are on every chair.

When I walk, I love the air on my cheeks and the feeling that everything's clean and fresh. I love the smell of the woodfire from my neighbours house, the feel of my soft, fleece gloves on my hands and the way my "cushiony" Clarks hug my feet without sufficating them. I like the way my aching limbs slowly warm and loosen up, the swing of my arms, the different sounds all around me (dogs, trucks, children, leaves being raked, wood being chopped) -- and the fact that amongst all the sounds, my mind dwells on the beauty that God has created and how wonderfully and fearfully we are made. And I praise Him as I walk.

This is the first year I've ever knowingly enjoyed fall. I'm a spring person! But my eyes, ears and senses are opening to the beauties of autumn. It's no longer just a passage-way to Christmas, my favorite holiday. I feel it calling me to embrace it's changes in color and it's slower pace; to listen and be aware of the call to thanksgiving for the season just past - a season of sunshine and seashores, warmth and growth and bountiful harvest. And as the evenings get longer and I slow down and rest more, wrapped in my favorite sweater, my hands cupped around a mug of dark, hot chocolate, the candlelight flickering and soft worship music playing, I have a feeling of security and love and well-being and joy. The simple things in life are far more valuable than gold and silver. And then I come to the recognition that autumn is wooing me -- both with the season and with my aging process. And it's okay!

God's in His house and all's right with the world.


Marie said...

I love the autumn. It's my favourite time of year. I love the colours and smells. I Love that special feeling in the air. All around you things are falling asleep, and yet there's a sense of expectation for what's to come. I miss that excitement felt when the first snow flakes begin to fall. It always filled my heart with joy . . . well up until about January, when it got rather tiresome! haha

ami said...

You can hear us coming in the autumn; we are shuffling through the last Indian yellow leaves with our pockets full of red pennies. We don't belong in Parkdale.
The sky is grey, but the sun sets over Lake Ontario and it makes this whole move worth my time.

I spent my day off yesterday like a little housewife. I swept and mopped and scrubbed the whole house, did three loads of laundry, a load of dishes, made oatcakes for one of Evan's co-workers who recently lost her brother, cooked a big squash soup and beet salad with my garlicky dressing, and even had time to go buy Evan some socks.
It's amazing the things you can get done when you get up early.

Doris the Great said...
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aliceinparis said...

We got a Wii fit for Christmas and I LOVE it. It was a big expense but the benefits are great. I use it every day. Exercise that is fun and easy to do any time.