Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sandys' Slightly Silly Smarties

The LaHave and District Fire Dept  Auxiliary have been holding an annual trivia contest for about 10 years, and my friend Sandy and I have had a team every year.  Twice we have gotten first place; one year we won the last place booby prize.  This is the first year they've held the contest during the Halloween season. What a wonderful idea that was.  

After all ......... 

We know that as adults, Halloween means shelling out money aka treats on the 31st.  But did you also know that it's a great opportunity to dress up, look ridiculous and act extremely silly -- perfectly in keeping with the name of our group.

Halloween is not just for kids, ya know!

We are definitely the happiest, noisiest, most disruptive team in the room. Even when we come in last place, we accomplish what we set out to do which is to enjoy ourselves to the Nth. We certainly live up to our name.
"Sandys' Slightly Silly Smarties"

Other than we two Sandys', the team has changed members --- some of our members can no longer make the trip due to health and distance. This latest inception has been in place for just a year; but as we've won the last 2 times, we seem to be a great combination of brains and silliness.

Let me introduce you to the group:
(Clockwise from the top left frame)
We have the short guy with the large brain, Joliet "Jake" Blues [from the famous Blue Brothers] & his brilliant wife, the 11th Doctor Who [Matt Smith]; our beautiful, British Cat Woman; her talented husband, Captain Morgan; the 2 Sandys' otherwise known as Bat Woman [Old Bat] and Robin [Sparrow]; and the gorgeous Mexican Wonder Woman and her husband, Captain Vegetable.  
We had a fantastic time last night.  And once we have sufficient time to recuperate from our wild shenanigans, we will be ready to defend our 2X championship title.

PS - 

     Did you know that you can tell the sex of horses by looking at their teeth?

     Or that next to man, rats are the most destructive animal on earth?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Things that Make Me Happy .....

The things that make me particularly happy today are:

The wonderfully kind and supportive comments left on my last post. Light ALWAYS overcomes dark! And the hearts and hands of friends always helps.

Receiving a video of my gorgeous grandson walking! What a clever and beautiful boy he is. 

My delicious weekly latte treat from Lahave Bakery across the street. (And finding out that if I bring in a larger mug, I get a larger latte!)

A momentary lapse in the rain -- 2 days so far and a forecast of 3 more to come including today -- and a chance to inhale the freshness of the sea air outside my office door and see what is probably the last of the color on the trees and covering the street.

One of my favorite days is here again!

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prayers for Canada

I am praying for our wonderful Nation and the horror that is ongoing in Ottawa.

Please join me if you would.

Monday, October 20, 2014

At the Massage Therapist

I recently discovered a new blogger: Ginny Marie at  Lemon Drop Pie.  And she hosts "spin cycle" prompts which simply give the reader an opportunity to share their "spin" on the topic at hand. Today's topic is about what's on our agenda for this week. It's entitled:   

At the movies. At the deli. At the gym. At the library. At the _________. 

My post is called "At the Massage Therapist". 

I'm lying on a heated massage table, one pillow under my knees and one under my belly to take any strain off my spine.  My head is cocooned in a little padded donut hole; and I am feeling warm and cosy.  I breathe deeply and inhale a slight scent of eucalytus.  The room is softly lit -- no harsh glare of lights --  and I can hear gentle, relaxing instrumental music coming from the corner.  I close my eyes, breathe deeply and allow the tension to leave my body.

I completely surrender myself to the healing, ministering hands of this skilled and caring woman.  There is a feeling of absolute trust which brings deeper relaxation which in turn allows my body to receive more healing.

Feel, smell, hear...
Breathe thru and release the pain 
allowing my body to mend and heal.

It is an hour of therapeutic indulgence.
Necessary for my health.  
But medicine as well for my mind and my soul.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Slapping $635 on your face!

It's a miracle!  I can see!

I finally got real, adult, grown-up glasses and have had to put aside my 15 pairs of stylish magnifier glasses.

And even though these are grown-up glasses, don't expect me to grow-up.  I shall still take jumping pictures as often as possible, eat ice cream at every opportunity, dance in the aisles at the supermarket, and continue try to find someone who will let me get in the bouncy castle.

Tropical storm Gonzalo will affect Nova Scotia today as it heads up the coast towards Newfoundland:  wind and rain but nothing serious.  I'm hoping that all the leaves won't be blown off the trees as they are at their peak the past few days: the colors seem to glow! It sure would be nice to do one more drive with the girls with a possible stop for fresh apples and an "exotic" Frenchies store. 

My quest towards organization and clarity continues: every week I purge the house of something more.  Sunday will be a rain day, so there's another chance to be productive inside the house and (hopefully) cross an item off the list.

But while there's sunshine and color and boot 'n' scarf weather, I want to be productive outside -- fill my lungs with fresh October air; fill my eyes with amber and gold and crimson; fill my spirit with the magnificence of Autumn.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

And the festivities continue.....

Just wanted to say:

  1. Being 60 + 1 day is a blast.
    My annual jump at Peggy's Cove. 
    (No photoshop: I just got good air!)
  2. This is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend
    Pumpkin pie anyone?
  3. Harry Potter Marathon today and tomorrow (and sweet foreign daughters can be quite persuasive)
    She may be the only one with a costume; but tomorrow, we'll all wear the lightening bolt on our foreheads. 
  4. Walking Dead Season 5 begins tonight.
    And yes, you can blame yet another foreign daughter for teaching me to love the redneck with the crossbow.

Ahhhh.  Isn't it wonderful that in the midst of stress and financial worries and the cares of this world, life can be so good!

Have a great day, whether there's turkey on your table or not.