Friday, June 15, 2018

She said Yes to the Dress!

I had a wonderful time last weekend in St John's. Coming from NS where the finer things in life were readily available to me and moving to CB where it's meat 'n' potatoes and the necessities of life, the trip was an enormous tonic to my foodie soul. Sharing it with family was icing on my cake.

We 2 mums were with our two 20-something daughters, so we did our best to keep up, fueled by a big breakfast and a big supper with  coffee and water in between; but it was so exciting and fun that no felt hungry until we stopped each day. We did breakfast at Chez Cora and Rocket (where I also bought a delicious loaf of whole grain sourdough bread to bring home). We ate at Swiss Chalet one night and had an epic evening at Jack Astors another night: St John's is known for it's colorful row houses (left picture), and I was so tickled when I visited the ladies room to see that they'd paid homage to this with the toilet stall doors that I had to snap a picture to share (right picture).

We'd start each day with bridal salon appointments and end up in the malls mid-afternoon. I even managed to fit in a few hours at my beloved Value Village where I scored some treasures. I got to eat Laura Secord ice cream (pistacho/almond and double chocolate together!); and I got myself a Starbucks. I loved the ice cream. But surprisingly, I found that I could have done without the Starbucks and chocolate buttercream cake from Rocket; my months of eating healthy is helping me get over my sugar monkey. Hurray! (And don't worry, there are lots of other fattening, unhealthy foods that I'm still addicted to!) 

But OH! THE BRIDE! She tried on so many dresses; and each salon had a front runner. But #3 salon - Kathy Evans -  was the winner, with a gorgeous beachy, sparkly gown that came in under budget and, as my mum would say, "fit her like a smack in the mouth". Yes ...... I cried and so did her mum-in-law! I'll share some of the runner-up gowns here, but the winning dress is a secret!

 We celebrated that evening with pizza at our Air B'n'B and a bonding evening of hilarious board games as we raised a glass or 2 to a beautiful bride-to-be and a successful shopping trip. 

I loved this vacation weekend with it's over-indulgence, late nights and exhausting day-long trekking. But ohhhhhhhhh! How good to be back to regular meals and sleeping in my own bed. 

This weekend promises to be a sunny one here on the west coast of NL. And the weather man says there will be a turn for the better weather-wise next week with spring being here and summer on it's way! 

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Perks of Being a Mother

My health regime has been paying off wonderfully. So far, I've lost my evening heartburn, most of the arthritis pain in my hands, some of my back pain AND a total of 14.8 lb! Skirts and pants are fitting me well again, and I'll have to replace some of my blouses and shirts as they're now too big. I haven't cut anything out (I don't believe in diets), but I'm eating healthy food and paying attention to what my body says. For instance, it complains quite loudly when I eat too many carbs: so I limit my bread and pasta intake to a couple of times a week. It's really sluggish and achey when I eat sugar: so although I haven't cut sugar completely out of my diet, I save that intake for high-quality or homemade items worthy of indulgence. And this weekend, I shall get to indulge myself. 

My youngest daughter, her future mother-in-law and I are headed across the province to shop for her beach wedding next summer. We'll have a day and a half of dress appointments and a day for personal shopping and food indulgence. I'm so excited to sit in a (comfy?) chair for hours at a time to repeatedly watch my baby try on white gowns so that I can cry! 😂 (I do hope there'll be lots of tissues ... and a little champagne provided!) I'm pretty stoked!

The next few days are, of course, devoted to my baby and her shopping expedition. But I've been assured that we'll have a day that's put aside for our own personal shopping desires. Value Village is on my list, more for the thrill of the chase than need. And next on my list is Sephora, the only place I can find my desired brand of mascara. 

After that, my thoughts go to the various wonderful food establishments that this coast is missing. I'm dreaming of a Starbucks coffee, a few loaves of good sourdough bread from George Street Bakery, and breakfast at Rocket Foods

That plus the opportunity to spend 4 whole days with my baby should make for a wonderful extended weekend .... no matter what the weather should bring here in Newfoundland.

I hope your weekend is a great one too!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunny Weekend Wanderings

Although I haven't posted for a long time, I'm alive and finally well again. I had a terrible head cold and a minor family emergency that kept me away from the keyboard, but I'm back with a spring in my step! But that's also because the sun is shining.

The weather has been quite cold, and we've had a lot of rain. Central NL had 30 cm of snow last Wednesday; and we're not out of the woods weather-wise yet! That's what happens when you're this far north and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It had been 2 weeks since I'd last walked in the sunshine, and my body spoke loud and clear:  my mood changed; my sleep patterns went off-course again; and I had more aches. 

Yesterday both health and weather were aligned; so I took a walk around Glenmill Inn Pond Trail with my youngest and her 2 dogs. Jack and Olive. 

Jack is 5 years old; he loves to walk and will happily move to the side and trot ahead of you. Olive is not quite a year old, so she was zig zagging in front of our legs (as she feels the need to physically touch her brother Jack from time to time), stopping to look up at us with love and gratitude, and bounding at the rustle of every bush. She also needs to explore every nook and cranny and is positively beside herself when she meets a new friend. The 3 km return trip had the puppies panting, tired and very happy at the end. Great! Now we can go sit outside with delicious foamy lattes while the puppies happily cuddle at our feet, right?

We brought our drinks to the table and took the dogs out of the car; but settle, they did not! Jack was determined to go inside the cafe. (He's a glutton for attention!) And Olive was overwhelmed with all the traffic noise, chattering people walking by and skateboarders. She bolted out of Libby's arms AND her harness and lead into the street! Thank goodness there was nothing coming and we were able to get her back to safety. Poor little mite was afraid.

When I took the dirty cups back inside, I indulged Jack and took him with me where he was met with lots of petting and chucks on the head. He was a happy dachshund! And I was an equally happy woman! 

(PS - Heavy rain and possibility of snow has been forcast for the next couple of days. Egad! You'll find me under the heat lamp thinking sunny thoughts.)

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

My resemblance to a porcupine!

My back went out a couple of weeks ago (didn't ask permission!); and after 2 weeks of pain and turtle-paced healing, I finally decided to book a massage. I tried a new clinic this time; and when I got there, filled in the half dozen forms and met with the proprietor, he asked if I'd like to try accupuncture. He follows the eastern philosophy of our ailments being linked to various organs or body functions. And I'm very sympathic to other medical philosophies as I'll do almost anything to avoid having to take a pill.

"Sure", I replied. "Let's try it". 

I lay on my tummy on the massage table as he put 6 needles in my left hip/buttock area and 4 in my left ear (directly connected to my kidneys?). I didn't feel most of the needles, and the ones I did feel were just like a momentary pin prick. I was extremely comfortable lying there for 15 minutes listening to soothing music.  After he took them out and I slowly got  up and about again, I was amazed that the pain was gone! It was wonderful!

He explained that throughout the day and for the next few days, it would feel different -- with some pain and/or discomfort returning or showing up in other areas. Accupuncture is a process that heals over a period of visits. 

Sure enough. That evening, there was mild discomfort. And because I work at a computer all day (the worse kind of work to do if you have back problems), some mild pain and discomfort returned. But not to the excruciating degree that it had been at. 

I had a second session this morning, and
I feel so much better then before I went in. 

Doctor Griffin:

You've made me a believer.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Spring has Sprung ..... Finally!

I knew that spring has sprung for sure here when I began hearing birdsong a couple of weeks ago. But those surprise snow storms made me scratch my head, especially last Friday nights fall. Although the roads may have been clear, it added to the huge mounds along every street and parking area. 

I'm happy to report that those mounds are almost entirely melted! We've had warming temperatures this week and a day of rain. Hurrah! I can actually walk up to the scrubs and trees and see the buds. It's ever so exciting.

I've one of those backs that goes out every now and then (without even asking permission). It happened last week; I've been nursing it with extra rest, but because I sit at a computer all day long, it takes longer to heal. I've not been walking, but thankfully I think I can resume this weekend. I become giddy with the thought of walks along the Bay in the sunshine!

But I also become giddy at the thought of spring cleaning, washing my windows and changing out the sofa pillows and throw with more spring-like colors and patterns. I look around my little abode and think "What can I do to bring in the light? Where can I move this piece of furniture? What color can I incorporate in my decor?" It's all part of my celebration of spring.

But it's been such a long, harsh winter, I feel quite justified in my giddiness!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Weekend Wanderings

Although spring is very slow coming to western Newfoundland, the snow is melting. Friday night, my sister and I had one of our sleepovers -- a wonderful bonding experience that involves reminiscing, a few brewskies, lots of laughing and, if I'm lucky, a little girl-dancing. 

Imagine our surprise when several hours after our evening began we noticed this scene outside! Yes, that's a brand new blanket of white on trees and ground! It was very pretty but thankfully was gone again by mid morning Saturday. That's when Linda and I set off for an adventure day!

We drove to nearby Deer Lake and visited their wonderful Sally Ann. I found a really cute pair of black polka dotted pants ($4) and a  green depression glass plate ($2). (Not sure of the pattern though. Help!) We window shopped at a couple of other small shops; and then she took me out for supper before heading home again. 

Sunday was a bit of a cold day; so after making chicken veg soup and moose meatballs for this week's dinner, I spent the late afternoon reacquainting myself with "Westworld" because that evening was the season premier. It's an intriguing program!

And I had another day off yesterday because it was St. George's Day? (I don't argue with my ED when she says we have obscure days off.) The sun was shining and it was all of 11 deg C (51 F); so I headed uptown to another one of my favorite shops, the Bulk Food Store

Living alone means I use smaller amounts of everything. Instead of using the bags above the bins, I love using the wee spice bags and filling them with spoonfuls of chopped pecans, dried cranberries and the like. I hadn't been there for a while, so I had lots of fun walking up and down aisles and looking at new stuff. Look at these adorable colored bow-tie pasta! And yes, I eat a LOT of rolled oats. 

I was home by 3 pm; and at that time of day, the sun is around the side of my house and streams into my kitchen and living areas. I get rainbows on my floor and lovely shadows on my walls. After cooking, I lit the tea light under my patchouli scented oil and it was so tranquil and serene. 

Ahhhhhh! T'was a good weekend. Hope yours was as well.