Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Remember in late Nov 2008 when I said I'd keep you informed of my Xmas preparations? Well, I lied. I'm sorry. Now --- get over it! December was much too busy (with Xmas preparations) for me to blog. So, please forgive me!

New Year's Resolution #1 -- Don't make promises you may not be able to keep!

Ah, but it was a lovely Christmas though. The house was so very, very festive. It took me 3 days to decorate (and 2 days to dismantle). The girls and I spent 2 days baking goodies (and 10 days eating them ..... and, for me, 6 months of dieting???) I got a really nice Xmas bonus, the kids and I had the house to ourselves, and I had almost 2 weeks off work. I entered Christmas being so blessed!

I awoke early Xmas morning; and while the girls slept, I got the turkey in the oven. Then I sat in the dark with just the tree lights on and drank tea and basked in my happy "Xmas is here" feeling. Silent Night, Holy Night! I thought about God's goodness to me.

The girls were up by 10 am, and after breakfast, there were gifts to open from so many people -- lovely, thoughtful gifts. We were all well-pleased! Seven of us sat down for a most delicious Xmas dinner and some wonderful fellowship afterwards. Then later that evening when my guests were gone, Xmas vacation began. The girls were fairly busy over the holidays, so I spent most of my time reading and relaxing with my usual jigsaw puzzle, glass of wine, turkey sandwich and chocolate box. Every January when I'm feeling (and looking) rather sausage-like, I vow to never do it again. But it really is such fun while it's happening. I went out without the girls for the post-Xmas sales -- another change in my household! But they're changing, so I just rolled with it. I left early, and while the stores just teemed with shoppers, I happily and leisurely meandered and enjoyed my day out. (What a great word "meandered" is!) I came home with some great purchases and had a fun day hanging out with ME!

And I renewed friendships. I talked to my dearest, darling friend whom I'd only just rediscovered this summer, as well as a dear friend from overseas. And an old friend that I thought I'd lost called me and we reconciled; what a wonderful gift that was.

The most important thing I got for Xmas was a further revelation of how to enjoy the important things in life, things like family, friends and making each day count. I consciously choose not to stress out about anything. As an old, wacky friend once used to say, "I was present and lived in the moment!" I arose when I was awake, and I slept when I was tired. I sat and observed my daughters -- how much fun they had together and their obvious love for each other -- and I thanked God for that. I smiled at people and really looked at them when they spoke to me. I savored food -- from the simplicity of one grape to the medley of flavors in my turkey, dressing, cranberry, mayo and lettuce on whole wheat. I smelled, not the roses, but the fir tree. The only real responsibility I placed on myself was to have a merry little Christmas. And it was a wonderful, refreshing 2 weeks.

Perhaps other people learn this valuable lesson at an earlier age. How fortunate they are! I can't help but think how much better it would be for all of us if we could be present all the time. But for me, I'm just happy to be learning and experiencing this now. Better late than never!

New Year's Resolution #2 -- Practice being present!


ami said...

I could also learn from that resolution, Doris.
I missed Christmas with you all, I really did.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you visited my journal today. Now that I've found yours I'll be back for sure.

'On Ya'-ma