Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gifts from Mexico

There's always an exchange of gifts when new students arrive. I usually give a few school supplies, a small notebook with home address and phone numbers (and for taking notes such as new English slang words or things that they want to remember), a new toothbrush and a soft fluffy stuffed toy; most of these girls have left pets behind at home, and they always appreciate something to cuddle at night.
And they in turn bring me a little of their own home country. Sometimes they ask what you'd like (but unfortunately, cannot fit a "rich, handsome, hot-blooded latin man in their suitcase" -- DANG BURNIT!). Most times, they just surprise you.
Mexico was not to be outdone by Germany this year!
I love this beautiful and so colorful covered basket; haven't decided what to put in it.
And then there are these two beautiful pieces of Mexican pottery..
The thing that I requested that could be fit in the suitcase was a "mole" (pronounced molay) mix. Mexican moles are sauces which are used in traditional cooking; they contain a variety of chili peppers and other ingredients and often include dark, bitter chocolate!

Yup! The first time I read about that I wanted to try it. Chicken and chocolate? Why not! Sounds good to me.
I've been told by my student that there's a mole upstairs for me; but I've yet to see the proof! (Not unlike God's word to me about that rich, handsome man!)
I'll let you know when and if I receive either of the above items! AND although I'll share what I cook up with the one, I certainly will not for the other! Nosy people!!\
And here's the other gift I received from Mexico and the bearer of all these wonderful gifts ... Carolina. Isn't she a stunner!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You have some lovely gifts there. What a blessing you have to be able to enjoy other countries through the eyes of your exchange students.

Nezzy said...

Oh girl Carolina is just a stunnin' beauty and she has to be the best gift of all. (except a hunky stud muffin stuffed in a suitcase) I just love her smile, I sure bet it lights up a room.

Have a fun time getttin' to know your new daughters. Your absolutely great! :o)

Eva Gallant said...

The pottery and Carolina are beautiful!

Terra said...

The pottery and colorful flowered basket are gorgeous, as is your new student. My husband and I like mole chicken too.

The Words Crafter said...

She really is beautiful and so are the gifts she brought. How wonderful it must be to have these students for a while. That, too, is a gift. Enjoy them all!