Sunday, November 28, 2010

Even invalids can lead productive lives.

I went to church today! Yeahhhhh! My first "social" outings for over 3 weeks. It was our tree decorating party; so I stayed for yummies and mostly watched as others decorated. Nova Scotia is known as the Christmas tree capital of the world (re export); isn't this one a beauty!

Christmas trees can be found on every corner this time of year. Prices for a 4-6 ft tree start at $15 and can go up to $40 depending on the type of tree or the degree of "perfection". This year, we won't get to trek through the woods to pick out our own tree. But one of my church buddies who's father-in-law has a tree lot will do all the hard stuff for me and deliver it. Isn't that sweet!


I wasn't totally useless at the decorating party. I was in charge of untangling the various garlands. (Some of them can also double as quite pretty necklaces.)
I'm happy to report that my church family doesn't treat me any differently since my accident: they still respond to me with love and laughter ..... except this time, I'm what they're laughing at! This is my sad, pouty, "poor ole Sandy" face (finger under eye to emphasize the sadness -- not finger picking nose, okay!).
. .

It was great to get out in the land of the living and to worship with my extended family. I am filled with new hope and joy for the little things that have been getting crowded out lately with my impatience to heal. God is good!
Do you go real Christmas tree or fake? If real, how do you guys get your Christmas tree? And what does it cost you where you live? Inquiring minds want to know!



I loved this post. It reminded me of the days when I've been sick, several times in the last year, and I have zero patience. I think I'll never get better and join the living again.
It was fun to read that others feel the same.
And what better outing than to church for tree decorating. Beautiful tree. Although I must say I enjoyed the trimming on you as well!
AND I also went to church today.

Mitzi said...

We have had a real tree for 47 years. Last year my husband wanted to go FAKE. I hated it-never again. We usually buy a Frasier Fir or a Balsam. They cost about 50.00 on up. We then set them in the backyard and let the birds harbor there. Happy Holidays.


Forget to tell you about my tree. I'm 65 now and really feeling over the hill. Our tree is 3 ft. prelit evergreen that I decorate with things the kiddies made when they were small. Three girls all grown. With eight grand kids, growing way too fast too.
We used to go to a tree farm and get the tree. Paid 40.00 a few years ago. NOt sure what they run now. We live in Southern Ohio.
Best to you!

Beth Adams said...

You poor thing still on the crutches. I am happy you are getting out & about. I have to have a fake tree since I am allergic to pine. I spent many a Holiday season sick because of a live tree in the house.

Eva Gallant said...

I had a real tree for years, but a few years ago we switched to a fake tree with the lights already attached. It's quite real looking and less messy.

By the way, that is a lovely close up of you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got out. It's about time as I know you were getting cabin fever there. I have the same fake little tree for several years now. To answer your question I think that turkey you saw was a hat that one of my sons had on.

DUTA said...

You look smashing! Congratulations on your first outing since the leg breaking! You're now on the way of real recovery.

Gail said...

It is so wonderful to be surrounded by friends. That should aid the healing!

We cut our own here At The Farm. We keep an eye out all year and know which one comes in. We have red cedar, we do not use the pines.

Vonlipi said...

My tree will be real and we will be going to the farm to pick it.

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful! I am glad you could get out and go to church. I am sure glad you clarified that finger to the face thing...Otherwise...well, you know what I would have thought~

I didn't know you were the Xmas tree capital of the world. You do grow some pretty trees up there! hugs-Diana

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello dear lady...glad you are getting out and know sometimes a broken foot can come in handy!!(O:(O:

On Christmas trees...ours is FAKE...yeah a big fake tree...we always used to get live ones when the kids were small...but as I have gotten older it is so much easier not having to string those lights every year.

Hugs to you,


Marie said...

I do love a real tree Sandy, but this year we are having a tiny table top tree because of the puppy. I don't want to spend all our holiday getting annoyed with her for messing at the tree, so best to avoide that situation altogether. I must say you look so very pretty, especially with that lovely "necklace!" xxoo

Nezzy said...

I do fake but there is a story behind it. I can remember as a little girl MoM and DaD goin' out to cut the Christmas tree. It would always end up in a fight of sorts. I'd been married a year when my son was born a week before Christmas and my BIL went out on the Ponderosa to get me a tree, he brought in a tree that would put Charlie Browns to shame. The week after Christmas that year I scooped up my infant son and bought a beautiful artificial which served us well for almost 38 years.

I decorated the church after services yesterday but I sure didn't look as cute as you all decked out in your garland.

Good to hear you got out...I hope your foot survived.

God bless ya and take care of yourself! :o)

From the Kitchen said...

Here, trees start at $40 and go up--and up and up!

I think you had the worst job--straightening out the strands. That used to go to my sisters and me. There was lots of tooth gnashing and throwing up of hands around our house when the tree went up.

Hope you are continuing to mend well and well enough to enjoy being an invalid!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Looks like you had a great time at the tree trimming party! I have an artificial tree, real ones seem to start at about $20 in Philly and go way up! Thanks so much for posting my party:@)