Tuesday, August 21, 2012

C'est finis!

Maybe I should have said "I'm finished" instead of "It's finished".  After all, when you decide to re-organize, simplify and re-decorate on your own time and your own dime, is it ever all done?  

  • Should I have added another pillow here?  
  • Should I have not hung as many picture there?
  • Do those patterns/colors really match?

Oh well!  Je suis finis!  Absolument!

I have boxed up and toted & carried.  I have painted and painted and painted!  I have cut and glued and sewn and plumped.  And (happily) I have thrift shopped and refueled with mostly delicious food and thrift shopped some more.  The students will soon be home and my baby will once again be leaving.  Summer is coming to an end and the season is getting ready to change as my everyday routines must.

Ici, il est!  The results of my sweat and toil.........  
Elly choose the color for her room; I added the thrifted chenille bedspread, fleece throw, clip-on bed lamp & French Provincial night table (after a good scrubdown and a couple of coats of paint, that is!); and I stencilled the bench at the end of her bed.  What is that sitting on her pillows?  Don't know!  It's a stuffed Korean thingie!  Total cost of Elly's bedroom makeover = $60.

I bought the sad looking boudoir chair at a yard sale for $5.  After spray painting and recovering with part of a $2 swatch of fabric, I think she's pretty cute.

This desk chair has been sitting around (and falling apart) for a couple of years; it was a $2 yard sale find.  I re-covered the seat with that same fabric swatch.

I bought 2 lamp sconces at a yard sale this spring for $8; then I found 2 Toille placemats at Frenchies for $1 each.  Voila!  C'est joli, n'est pas?

I've been looking for a desk like this for a long time and was rewarded just a few weeks ago on Craig's List.  Not a thrifty price by any means; but I didn't break the bank either.  And I do love it!

This lamp was a recent church sale find for $1 and the $4 Value Village shade was a plain Jane until I stencilled it.   
I have a row of shelves behind my bedroom door that used to contain books, books and more books; they've been culled and moved to the rec room.  So now my shelves display my cobalt blue Depression Glass pieces (doubling as jewellery holders), my Eifel Tower candlesticks and my antique glass jars (which hold my emergency supply of M&M peanuts and choco-covered caramels).

And here's part of the finished product!  Frenchies finds include the coverlet ($6.50), the Battenburg lace pillow shams ($1 ea) and  the Williamsburg hand-needlepointed pillow ($2); my beautiful crown pillow was a win from a fellow blogger.  As well, I finally framed some of my favorite prints, and all the frames and mats were thrifted.  (The empty macrame hanger you see hanging there will hold a little battery-powered candle stick.)   

Total cost for my bedroom (much of which has been collected over the past 3 years in anticipation of just such a makeover) = $200.

Total sense of peace, comfort and satisfaction = Priceless!

I shall spend the remaining week of freedom reclining midst my pillows, reading by lavender sprinkled lamplight, and sipping cool fizzy drinks in fancy glasses, candles flickering, feet elevated, sighing in almost total contentment.  

(Total contentment would be mind if only I'd budgeted for a tall, handsome servile "Sven" to rub my aching arches or my stiff shoulders!)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great job you did. I like both rooms and think you did very good at keeping the cost down too.

Darla said...

Very nice. Love the bedspread in the first room. You deserve some pampering now..


Great job. Everything looks lovely. The prices were fabulous for your thrift finds. I'm hoping Sven comes along. You deserve that massage.

juls4real said...

The lovely work on the stenciling, the lamps and lamp shade, charming! It looks very homey and ready for a cup of tea to relax and snooze. That black doll is a Domo Doll. I have one in pink...

sandra said...

Looks so fresh and serene. If Sven comes along, kindly send him to my place when you are finished with him.

Bodhi Gray said...

Ah, is there anything better than paring down and making things fresh and new? Lovely job!

cindy said...

i love it!

love your blog!


Linda said...

Your rooms look beautiful! Great job on everything. Makes me want to paint or sew something!