Monday, November 5, 2012

What I'm thinking......

  • I'm thinking how lucky I am to have such wonderful international students.  We had a day of wandering and eating in the city on Saturday -- little unique shops on side streets, some of the best sushi I think Halifax has to offer (B-Well Shushi Cafe on Quinpool Road); Korean b-beque (2 hours of a carnivores delight plus the girls did all the grilling for me.)  What a fabulous day we had!

  • I'm thinking about Remembrance Day which reminds me of my paternal Grandpa.  He was such a joy to be around -- happy, lively, loving.  After I moved away from home, whenever I'd go home to visit, he'd dance and sing his way over to me and continue his dance and song while he pinched my cheeks and kissed me.  He wouldn't talk about the "great war".
Thank you Poppy for your sacrifice.

  • I'm thinking about Christmas -- not a lot yet, but I'm beginning my thought-organization process:  letter writing, card addressing, gift wrapping, who I've still to buy for.  If I organize my schedule, I find I have time to enjoy the other wonderful things that pre-Christmas has to offer.

  • I'm thinking of sleep.  Gaining an hour is great when you're young.  If you're like most post-menopausal women my age, you wake at the same time; so readjusting to the time change is a sleepy pain in the butt.
I wanted to fall back into bed.
  • I'm thinking of lunch.  I've got half an hour to go:  I've packed  homemade beet salad, coleslaw and a mini-slider; dessert is Difuku, a Japanese sweet rice ball -- sweet red bean paste encased in pink-colored sweetened rice.  (Very tasty .... and I've talked myself into believing that it's not dessert at all but a very nutritious "ending" to my meal.)

And that's what I'm thinking.  Gotta go.  It's almost time for lunch!

What's on your mind?  


Pamela Gordon said...

I am the same as you regarding the time change. I still wake early. I didn't really feel any more rested either. I like sushi and tried it for the first time in Fort McMurray. Delicious! I'm sure there are better spots to find good sushi here too but it's not something we do. I like your adventuresome spirit in eating different foods. Have a great week!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Such good thoughts you have today...You do lead a varied life there with those exchange students. I've started making lists and doing bits and pieces for the holidays too. Thanksgiving is coming up for us the end of November and then I'll really get into Christmas. But first we have a new grandbabe coming, may just be tomorrow. That is what I'm thinking most about today.

Jack said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful small town life with "your" girls up there. Sometimes I'm jealous when I read this stuff...

It's a good sign, I think, that your grandpa wouldn't talk about war. It's a very intense endeavor, and the smart ones, I think, get their fill of it early. My uncle didn't talk about WWII, and I don't talk about 'Nam. The ones with all the stories are usually the ones who weren't there, anyway.

You take care of yourselves, and watch out for Old Man Winter; I hear he spends the winter up there!

Shirley said...

Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man! I think his reluctance to talk about the war is quite justified. Such horrors our soldiers experienced while they fought for our countries liberties. My greatest heartfelt gratitude and respect go out to them, for the battles of the past, the wars of the present and the future conflicts. Lest we forget.