Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It was the most glorious of days today.  Plus 12 degrees with bright sunshine.  I have so many bulbs coming up in the front garden and there were at least 8 crocus in bloom.  

I wore my jean jacket!  I walked.  I thrifted and had fries and a Moolate from Dairy Queen. Ayaka and I made cheesecake and strawberry mousse filled hollow chocolate eggs for tomorrow's dessert.  Then we watched Harry Potter and Orphan Black.

I gave the girls their Easter Bunny pails early because we'll be doing Easter breakfast at church then scurrying around preparing prime rib dinner for 8-10 of us.  So, at we sat in front of the TV, we happily munched on Easter eggs.  I ate a Cadbury cream egg; I like that you can only buy them at Easter.  Makes it special.

Know what else is special?  Having such a great relationship with God and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the joy and freedom that He brings.

Because as much as I love family meals and eating Cadbury eggs, I love my life in Christ.

Happy Easter my friends.  He is risen!



Happy Easter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Easter. Glad you are getting some nicer weather there. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Day!

Gardeningbren said...

"It's Not about the Bunny". I liked that. Beautiful photo and uplifting post. Happy Easter.

Bonnie said...

A beautiful post Sandy. I hope are having a wonderful Easter. Bonnie

Pamela Gordon said...

He has risen indeed! Happy Easter Sandy! Don't eat too much chocolate.

Sandra Wilkes said...

I love this post. You are 'in the moment' and yet you are so very resourceful too. Yay you!