Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Do you enjoy winter?

There are those who hate winter.  They hate the cold, the ice and snow, the layers of clothing, the slip-sliding to work and/or school, and so on and so on and so on.  From the first snow flake until they can finally put on their tennis shoes again, they comment on how much they long for spring.  There is no enjoyment to be found in winter for those folks.

Then there are the snow bunnies.  They love skiing and skating and sledding.  They own full snowmobile suits and warm Gore Tex boots and so many mittens and scarves and hats. And unless it's a full out blizzard, you can find these people walking and jogging as per their normal lifestyle.     

I used to hate winter.  But then I learned to accept it and have since come to really enjoy it.  I was never a snow bunny; but for the past 2 years, my chronic back problems have kept me from being any kind of active winter rodent, although I do try to walk outside a little each week.  But I have really embraced the semi-hibernation that I take on in winter.  I lead a busy, tiring life where I'm "on call" to bosses or children most of the time.  Aging has mercifully shown me that I should never feel guilty for doing nothing and totally enjoying it!  There's an old Portugese saying that goes something like this: "It's wonderful to do nothing .... and rest afterwards".

Yes, much of my enjoyment of winter is in the sense of time slowing down because of the weather, the very reason many people don't like winter!  But didn't God tell us:  "To every thing there is a season ...." Ecclesiastes 3:1   And just like the bulbs under the soil in my front garden, at this age I need a winter!  Here are some of the reasons that I love winter.

  • While I'm at work and taxing this already overfilled brain, I love the anticipation of rest in the evening. I think about my favorite TV programs or the book I'm reading; I think about my comfy slippers and plan whether it'll be cocoa w/ a dollop of whipped cream or lemon ginger tea with a smidge of honey.  Emmmmm!  Enjoyment!  
  • By Thursday, I'm enjoying the anticipation of the coming weekend.  I could take an early morning walk on Sat and have coffee afterwards; or I could cook a big breckie and do my usual NY Times crossword.  I can't help but smile when I think of a snow-filled day doing nothing other than what strikes my fancy -- and that could change on a dime!  
  • Winter enjoyment involves a warm house and soups, warm beverages, throws, books, good TV shows or the movie channel mixed in with the occasional craft. 

  • During winter, my house is better organized; the mending gets done, there's no ironing pile in the corner, and I know where to find all those little recipe clippings.  
  • In winter, I call family and friends more often.
  • And I "hear" my body better  and am much more introspective.

I love the other three seasons just as much as I love winter:  they are each quite unique in many of the things they offer.  But here in NS, those 3 seasons are my "active" months -- better weather means lots of great things to do and people who want to do them with you.  

Yes --I'm really happy that I've found so many reasons to love winter.


Cheri said...

I always loved winter when I lived in London Ontario but now that I have lived in BC since 1988 I don't think I could ever handle a true winter ever again.
Hunkering down indoors while looking out for the most part at the beautiful snow would be my pasttime if I were to be back east I'm sure. I do not like to shovel snow at all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've been trying all winter to embrace it. So far the only lovable things have been the holidays. Now I'm shoveling that white stuff again and not liking it...please be kinder to us old people winter. Our backs are not as strong as they once were.

kate steeper said...

We havent got a real winter so far , just gales and biblical floods . Summer in the UK is as hot as I like it

Pamela Gordon said...

I guess I'm a winter whiner Sandy. I can't bear the cold and damp but get out when it's decent enough to enjoy the beauty and take pictures. I rather like that Portugese saying. :)

Aunt Betsy said...

I really like that Portugese saying too! And do I like winter, let me think...NO!! no, no, no

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I just got my electricity back after hours without; my beloved Willow tree and another tree were victims of the ice storm we had and my yard is littered with branches. The clean up will be very expensive. Cars are in ditches and roads are impassable and another storm is expected in a few days. Yes, I am sick of winter.


I conceded the snow is beautiful to look at. BUT we just had another foot dumped on us last night. Which means I have to shovel again and clean off the car, so at this point I'm sick of winter. I'm older and not as agile as I once was to deal with it.

DUTA said...

You make it sound nice, but it isn't really.
Winter brings depression, pain in the bones,layers of clothes on frail bodies,people staying indoors most of the season etc...
In short, it ruins quality of life.

Kay said...

I loved winter in December and February. I could do without January in the Midwest. Winter has such a special beauty and I often miss it here in Hawaii.