Monday, August 25, 2014

The weary have returned!

Part of my time back home was wonderful (having Amy with me); and part was quite stressful.  (I lost someone in Newfoundland.) But the parts that were good were soooooo good.  Here are some pictures of our first week.

Day 2: Marble Mountain Ski Resort hike.  This short but gruelling uphill hike overlooks the scenic Humber River Valley in Western Newfoundland, with the city of Corner Brook (my hometown) in the far right corner of the lower left picture. The blonds in black are 2 of my gorgeous daughters.

On Day 4, we travelled "down the bay" from Corner Brook as far as you can go:  Bottle Cove and Little Port.  There are lots of hikes to take in this area (as in most of NL).  We choose the "full" hike in Little Port.

The1st half of our hike was a gentle 1.8 km to Cedar Cove and its rocky, driftwood strewn beach. 
We rested for a while ...... and then we got creative with the driftwood.

The 2nd half of our hike was deceiving.  See that sign that says 1.8 km to the Little Port lighthouse site?  Hmmm! 1.8 of extreme trail? Well, we thought: you have to go up and across and then down again.  We can do 1.8 km of that!

The sign actually meant 1.8 km UP the side of the mountain -- not all the way to the lighthouse site.  The knotted rope was a necessity and NOT a suggestion.  We plateaued at the top and met spectacular vistas. It was breathtaking! Then we went down the mountain another 1.5 km or so --- backwards with the aid of knotted ropes -- to the lighthouse site. Then we went down on a more gentle slope until we once again reached where we had started.

That sign lied!  That half of the hike was about 6 km total.  

OMG!  Legs! Lungs! Feet! Hands!

Large quantities of beer and chicken wings were needed afterwards!  Thanks Wing 'n It and Libby!

And that's just Week 1.  Ahhhhh, Newfoundland.  You're grand!

Still, it's really good to be back home in NS.

After all, taking a vacation is pretty tiring work!  



Sounds like a wonderful trip. Fabulous photographs. Your daughters are lovely. Rest up. That was a lot of hiking.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I always come home from vacation feeling tired. It is a good thing. It appears that you had a wonderful time even if some signs were misleading and difficult.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Sandy, your vacation and photos looks so wonderful. We've never been to Newfoundland, well, I've never been there. Hubby has been there this year on business and he thinks I should see it too. I hope someday we can go together. Your daughters are beautiful. Glad you had a good time away.

Pamela Gordon said...
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Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, what a wonderful hike. Your daughters are so lovely. I really like the picture of her stretching her legs to the sky, such a cool picture. This makes me want to take a hike with husband today.

I hope you are having a good Labor Day weekend.


Debbie said...

I have always wanted to see's beautiful! I enjoy your blog!!