Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring is happening without us here!

Every day has begun the same way: you wake to snow either falling or having fallen. The ground outside is white; the car is often white; the steps need to be scraped; the windshield needs to be scraped. It is not pretty. It is NOT fun.

And then one morning as the snow gently falls (and you can hear tiny laughter coming from each evil flake), you look down from your front step and see this: lovely, wee little crocus' peeping through the snow. 

  • Is this what spring will be like in Atlantic Canada this year?
  • Is our only glimpse of our flower beds going to be with a background of white?
  • What will survive?
  • What will grow?

Forecast for tomorrow morning?
Freezing rain changing to rain at noon. 

Excuse me: I need to continue crying now.


Pamela Gordon said...

One sure has to wonder what summer will be like once spring gets going here in the Maritimes. I really feel badly for you in NS as you've certainly had more than your share of snow this year. Very rare I think eh? Tomorrow sounds very nasty for us to start the day but the weekend looks a bit more promising. I hope we get some nice spring weather sooner than later and no more snow! Take care. Pam

Tami Von Zalez said...

Be grateful you don't live in droughtifornia (CA)


It has finally gotten warmer here and the snow has stopped at long last. You will get there too. That sweet purple crocus peeping from the white ground is telling you there is hope. Hang on. Hang on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully our last snow was the day before Palm Sunday. This week we've had April showers all week long. Hopefully the warmer weather will soon get up your way! Remember no winter lasts for ever!

sabine said...

That is actually hard! I wish you a lot of sun melting the snow away and a great weekend, Doris!
Sabine xxx