Sunday, January 17, 2016

What? More Snow?

Not my car, but a perfect example of
what my car looked like.
After Wednesday's snow, I was looking forward to yesterday's rain. Sure, it would start out as freezing rain -- my car was coated in it Saturday morning when I tried to venture out for milk and eggs and turned back -- but the forecast assured me that it would warm up later. So, I expected all that ice to melt. Well, wouldn't that cut my clean-up time in half!

Of course, that didn't happen. The so-called rain became snow --- and snow and snow and snow.  But I was happy enough being storm bound: I had my Saturday crossword puzzle, 3 more past seasons of Dr Who to watch, a clean house and a delicious lunch already prepared:  pork and black bean chilli, crusty chabatta bread and a few slivers of stinky, aged cheddar. 

Slipper socks I want but
don't own yet.
I had the beginning of a headache and tummy ache.  And as there's a similar flu going round, I got even more comfortable. I put on my flannel jammies, my wooly polka-dotted socks and got under the fleece on the couch.

I tried to nap, but sleep eluded me. I was in this sort of semi conscious place for over an hour.

Then it hit me! 
An urge so immediate and intense and persistent ...

 So, I baked a cake; a chocolate layer cake. (And I never bake layer cakes, so this was obviously an urge that needed to be met!)

As it was baking, I called long distance to get my mom's recipe for Mystery Icing -- light and fluffy and not sweet, made with cooled custard which is added little by little to creamed butter and sugar.

I spread the first layer with softened apricot jam and then the Mystery icing (which was made with coconut custard) and topped with toasted coconut.

Yum yum! It was so delicious! No, no, no! It IS delicious. Despite all our best efforts, there are still a few slices left.

I don't know about the rest of the winter world, but when Nova Scotians expect a snow storm, they stock up on potato chips

 ..... or as we like to call them STORM CHIPS.

We had a storm cake!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The cake looks wonderful. The cold makes me crave comfort foods too.

Lucy Barber said...

Ohh...This cake looks so yummy! Actually I'm trying to bake something like that as my co-workers from will come to my place and I really want to treat them with some tasty sweet cake. Hope I'll manage to bake something worth of eating.

Linda said...

I'm all for the "storm cake" ! Yummmy! Wishing you good health and warmer temps.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I tend to do a lot of cooking when it snows and most of it contains sugar. We had a little snow yesterday and I made a small batch of cookies. They are predicting a larger storm next weekend so I better get in some more baking supplies.