Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time to Hit the Road (Path) Again

Who says old dogs can learn new tricks! I've finally successfully finished the training period for my new job. And I'm happy to report, that all things came together and I actually now understand what I'm doing. What a relief!

I'm so grateful for this job, one I'd tried for years to get into. Who knew that I'd finally do it at 61! There's another lady roughly my age, there's a 56 yr old ("Oh, to be 56 again", she sighs whistfully!). And then there's a bevy of young 25-35 yr old beauties who wizz through all the tasks and offer words of encouragement to me when I attempt a variation that I've never done before. Those young whipper-snappers have been marvelous!

This week, I've had only one shift passed on to me. And I'm so relieved. As you can imagine, my body and my brain have taken a beating this past month. I've had no problem with working and staying awake for evening or night shifts (although I've shed some tears at having to miss the ending of favorite TV shows as I leave to walk to work). But my body is complaining quite loudly. If I work an evening shift (until 11 or midnight), I miss at least half of the next day:  if I work a night shift (11 or midnight to the AM), I'm useless for another day and a half.  And having to be at work for 6:30 or 7 am, is not much fun either. But it'll probably get easier, huh? 

Either way, one must do what one must do to make ends meet. One must make the best of all situations (bad and good). And one must grab life by the whiskers and run (or waddle) with it. One must also remember to eat well and exercise, both of which have suffered during my all-consuming training period. So today, I shall get outside and soak up the sunshine and then re-focus and get back into my healthier eating regime. 

So, it's sneakers on and out the door for this gorgeous spot, 
Miller Point Peace Park, just outside town.

Ahhhhh! Thank God for small blessings!

If any of you out there has helpful tips and suggestions for me as I venture into shiftwork, I'm completely open. Thanks and enjoy your day.


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I never worked shift, but my husband did early on in our marriage. His was on a rotating system, changing weekly, and we made the best of the situation.


Congrats on your training being complete. I think you nailed life's predicament when you said, “one must grab life by the whiskers and run (or waddle) with it." HANG in there.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I never worked different shifts, but my SIL's did that for quite awhile. He is young and I think that made it easier. I know my daughter was thankful when it was over. You are right in saying you have to take good care. Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise when you can.

Lori E said...

I recently changed jobs and like you had to put my brain through its paces. It isn't that we have trouble learning at our age it is that it is hard to pull up the new stuff in our brains. It gets wedged in between song lyrics and family details and when we need to remember it we can struggle to bring it to the forefront.
I am the oldest person in our company. I am holding my own I think. Lol.
Luckily for me my job is done all online from my home office.
I can't imagine doing shift work. I hope you find a good rhythm. Glad you are putting your health as a priority too.

Melanie said...

Hi Sandy ~ what kind of work are you doing now that you're working shift work? Will your schedule rotate shifts like this every week, month, or have any rhyme or reason? My husband is a 911 dispatcher and works rotating shifts. He's just finishing up working 6am - 6pm and now is going on overnights, working 6pm - 6am. He absolutely hates it, but nothing he can do. He's always been consistent with working out before work though...he would get up at 3:15am to work out before starting work at 6! I give him a lot of credit. He said it has always helped energize him and keep him going for these long shifts. All the best to you!