Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Newfoundland is an island:  a veritable rock in the north Atlantic where the people are known to be cheerful, generous, fiercely proud and extremely resilient. History shows the extreme hardships that we have overcome and how tough life continues to be for many in this fair isle. Winters are long and harsh: not much of fall is seen and spring is often by-passed. And then comes our short summer season, or what we like to call black fly and Nipper weather! 

I still wake every morning rapturously happy to be where I am. And I often feel a mixture of awe-struck surprise and perplexity at some of the other differences between my 41 years in Nova Scotia and my new life here. So many changes! Most are wonderful -- the proximity to family, my new job, my wee little apartment, the scenery, little chubby hands holding me saying "You okay, Nanny B, you okay?"  My new life is grand!

But one thing that makes me sad is the lack of thrift stores, especially here on the West Coast. Newfoundlanders are not "happy thrifters" like Nova Scotians. Many of the people I know would not be caught dead in "someone else's clothes"! I think it comes from years of Newfoundland being the "have-not" province and the pride that people feel at not just making do here on this literal rock in the Atlantic but at prospering. But I've got a few friends as well as my eldest daughter who love a good bargain. And although the local Salvation Army Thrift Store is not a large one, donations are large and it's well attended. I try to check it out once a week (just so I won't lose my thrifting mo-jo!).

They closed last week for 2 days to pack away summer and put out the fall/winter inventory. I visited a couple of days later and scored big time AND I only spent my allotted amount!

I bought this pretty black & yellow blouse (Northern Reflections) as well as a 3/4 sleeve teal, black and white cardigan (Ricki) and a navy blue with white polka dot cardigan (Old Navy). 

 I also bought a pair of brown dress pants and a fantastic cream and yellow Colombia jacket, perfect for fall. (Just needed an Oxy super-soak and a wash in hot water and it's looks good-as-new.) 
 (PS - The color is not true in these pictures. Sorry!)

The Sally Ann here as well as the 2 others in a 50 km radius have helped me replace things I sold before my move like my rice cooker, mason jars and jigsaws & paperbacks. My sister and I purchased most of the incidentals for her very small, informal upcoming wedding. I found a really cute, opalescent glass boudoir lamp for $2 (with just a temporary shade on it at the moment).

But the thrifted item I most love is this fantastic lamp from the early 70's with an antique brass filigree foot and an amber globe with black felted pattern. Now, I've been searching for years for a colored glass globe-style lamp base; and although this is not exactly what I had in mind, it kept calling to me until I paid the $5. I proudly marched out of the store, while the locals stood mouths-agape in shock and horror. "Wass dat daft woman totin' outta here, for da love a God? Das h'ugly as sin, my dear!"  But beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and this beauty has won a place in my heart as well as on my end table.

$30 for the shade (EGAD!), another $4 for the tri-light; not as thrifty as I'm used to but still an excellent price for this sized table lamp.

Plus, when you turn the switch, you hear the sounds of angelic voices. 

How's your thrifting been going?


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You sound really happy in your new home. Maybe, as time goes by, you might find some wonderful thrift stores in other towns around. Meanwhile, you have one place to go and since it is the only place in town for people to bring things, there should be lots from which to choose. Congratulations and good luck on your new adventure.

La Petite Gallery said...

Drive over to Maine we have lots of thrift stores. Have you been watching our elections That Trump is nuts. yvonne

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Here at my house I've been giving to Salvation Army and not buying. Having to get ready for a move myself and getting rid of 22 years worth of my stuff. Having to downsize means there is lots to give away, donate but no room to buy anything. Thankfully I do have time to work at it a little at a time . You always manage to find some spectacular things and save a lot of money by doing so. So glad you are loving your new life.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm glad you are enjoying your new life on the rock and have found the Salvation Army to be quite the handy thrift store for you. I have too much stuff to bother with thrifting for the house and find myself mostly contributing to the thrift stores rather than shopping them.

sabine said...

Great findings Sandy! I particularly love the shell with the paisley pattern and of course your 70s lamp. We moved to a small town end of last year and I am also missing 2nd hand shops here. But the big town is not so far away and I luckily found an alternative in a 2nd hand-online shop.
I am glad to read that your new life is a good one.
Sabine xxx

DUTA said...

It seems you're a happy person by nature. You felt happy in Nova Scotia, you feel happy in cold Newfoundland, and you'll be happy in warm Florida, and that's really great. I, for example, could not be happy in a cold country. That's why, Canada which is the best quality country in the world, has never been an option for me.

As for thrift stores, I wouldn't worry about that. You'll find them even under the rock.That's how it is with 'mo yos'.

Susan said...

You are happy, I'm so glad for you! I want to get a summer home in Nova Scotia! Hopefully it will happen, I'm tired of the hot, hot summers here in the southwest of the USA.

Got some great finds! Awesome!

Lorac said...

Oh I love a good thrift store myself! You did super well and I love your lamp! It is not ugly at all!