Monday, January 9, 2017


Ah yes. I moved home to begin a new adventure, one that I imagined would be filled with family get-togethers and leisurely walks and lots of opportunity for relaxation, etc.  The best laid plans .........

Most of our family get-togethers have been round the hospital bed of my mother who very slowly is recuperating. But there's a lot of expectation placed on we sibblings to be at her bedside, even when she's sleeping. She wants company; my Dad wants what she wants; we want her to get well. So everyone had been working double time over the holidays.

The result of those good intentions has been that most of the family has had or has at this moment flu and/or cold. My sister has a bacterial infection that is taking a long time to quit. So, for about 1.5 weeks, it was just my Dad and I doing all the visiting. 

But I think that overextending myself coupled with all the Xmas over-indulgence in rich, sugary foods put my immune system at risk. I came down with what I thought was a flu last Thursday only to find out late Sat night that it is indeed --- SHINGLES!

Just that word puts dread in the hearts of many a brave soul! With good reason apparently. I'm in the early stages (and hope my meds will help lessen the pain and duration). But both my parents have had it, and my brother who is in his mid fifties had it in Sept. So, he's been a huge source of help and advice.

Last night, I managed to get to sleep (in one position ONLY!) and sleep through the night. Today there's been a lot of irritation and slight pain (imagine a body brush full of needles being intermitently pushed into your skin); but Aloe Vera gel and pain meds have helped. I'm hoping as much as possible to work when I can as I expect there will be days when it will all be too much for me and I'll need heavier pain meds. Also, I'm one of the sufferers whose Shingles virus showed up as the symptoms of the flu. And today is the day when my nose and eyes are both streaming and both red. Very attractive indeed!

I've researched to find all sorts of natural remedies/aids to help me over the next few weeks. But if any of you have advice for me, I welcome it.  Even the horror stories are okay to share. I need to know what to expect. 

And words of advice for me for the future?

Your health comes first before the wants of others. 

After all, if you don't have your health, what do you have and how much good are you to others.


DUTA said...

That's how things are. Family is not only warmth and support but also copying with various problems affecting various family members. As for shingles - I had it too, and it was a nasty experience. It varies; it can vanish in one week or in one month. One needs Patience. Feel better soon!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I had shingles 25 years ago and did not know what it was. I let it go for too long before seeking help. As I remember, it lasted 6 weeks or so. It hurt, it was uncomfortable, it was disgusting looking, but I got through it. I thought that I could only get it once, but my doctor informed me otherwise and I got the shingles shot about five years ago.

You certainly have a lot on your plate. Take care of yourself.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh ouch! So sorry to hear you are not doing so well. I have heard that stress brings on shingles and have know a few that have had it. It's something none of us wants and happens when least expected. Hope you get some relief soon.

Jeannie B. said...

I am very sorry to hear you have the horrible flu. I hope your recovery is swift and sure. And that your Mother is also recovering and feeling the love her children have for her.

ps. I absolutely do not really know you (although I feel like I do) but I read your blog because your are so funny kinda like my sister is and because I lived in Newfoundland for two of my American Air Force Dad's tours of duty in Stephenville. I loved the beauty and the childhood memories of the woods, berry picking, Moose and Lobster dinners. There is no place like it. But I hated the ferry crossings as I got horribly seasick.


SHINGLES is HORRIBLE, I know. I hope you will be on the mend soon. Saying a prayer. Meantime just try to rest. All you can do.

sabine said...

Unfortunately I do not have an advice but I hope you will get well soon. Take good care of your Sandy.
Sabine xxx

dan said...


Shingles is really annoying...hope you are feeling better...