Thursday, July 12, 2018

Still Crazy after all These Years!

The weather here in western Newfoundland has been wonderful for the past couple of weeks: sunny day and cool evenings are perfect for my tastes!

I'd been nursing a sore calf muscle that I believe was the result of walking twice in one day; neither walk was particularly strenuous, but I'd been suffering chin-splint discomfort in my right calf: so I decided to stop walking for a week. Then after doing the hike with my brother and my usual easy walks at home, I felt I was ready for a more challenging hike this past weekend.

My memory bank told me that last year's Corner Brook Stream Trail hike was a really easy one because it was one of two done on the same day. So, I thought I'd add the Ginger Root Trail to my hike because it actually which meets up with the CB Stream Trail. And according to the map trail map I found, it was a 4 km return hike. 
I think I misread, and it was actually 4 km ONE way! Just before I reached the falls, I began to suspect it was longer than I'd anticipated ...... but of course, it was too late to turn back then.  

It was pretty difficult, uphill almost all the way over rocks and tree roots; but I knew the falls were waiting for me. I ate lunch at the top, all alone, the sound of the falls in one ear, birds singing in the other. I stayed for about an hour, and it was blissful. The weather was cool at the start -- perfect for climbing -- and the woods were alive with bird song, squirrels and a number of friendly toads. It was warmer on the descent; so I spent some time talking to those creatures on my way down as I needed someone to commiserate with over my folly (and none of those creatures judged me). Here are some of the highlights of my hike. 

Here I am 4 days later and only now beginning to recover from what turned out to be 9.5 km (6 mi) of walking! Egad! 

My feet didn't suffer as I have good hiking sneakers. But my legs, butt and lower back were been seized up tighter than an 8 day clock, and I've been waddling around like Jemima Puddle Duck! 

Oh the follies of the growing-elderly!

I should be recovered enough to take on a small hike this weekend .... fingers crossed and brain engaged this time round!



Jeanie said...

Oh My! Well, I really admire that you kept on keeping on but feel for you with the hips and all. My problem is the feet, mostly. Good shoes but bad feet. But it sure was worth the walk and the payout, wasn't it? I'm glad you had enough time to really savor your destination after arriving.

Kay G. said...

6 miles! Good for you! I think 5 miles is about my limit, so you are just that ONE better than me! LOL! Lovely post. xx

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

One thing I've been hearing from a couple of my sons who walk and run regularly is that stretching is very important to do before and after. They both suffered tendonitis recently and so I thought I'd pass this on to you. Hope it helps. The weather is beautiful here right now too. We have had a few extremely hot and humid days but right now it's near perfect.

Bulldog Ben said...

Very nice post. I enjoy hiking, walking and camping and just about any chance to get out into Mother Nature's back yard!

For those of us in Florida, the good news is that there are jillions of very cool opportunities for outdoor fun and exploration.

The not-so-good new is that it's so hot around here, that you often find yourself waiting for Autumn's cooler temps. Winter's a fine time to get out and about, as well.

I do take lots of beach trips in the summer, but often don't stay that long. My main purpose then is to get some good beach pix. The crowding of our beaches in the summer is a thing, and that's as much of a "downer" as the blazing temps. Frowny face!

Thanks again for the post; I could almost visualize the journey as you wrote. And I most certainly can relate to the part about the post-walk soreness!