Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Crown in my Weekend

On Monday we had spring; all the snow had melted, the crocus buds were opening and I was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sneakers. Tuesday evening, it began to snow, and Wednesday morning, so much had accumulated that there was 6" of snow on my car. Today, the snow is gone again HURRAH! And Newfoundlanders might be able to actually speak the word "spring" out loud. Doesn't the sunshine cast it's golden glow over everything -- attitudes included.

Because Monday is St George's Day, an obscure NL holiday that most people don't get, I have a wonderful 4 day weekend. Part of that time will be spent baking a bridal shower cake for my daughter's party next weekend. (I'll freeze it.)  

I have this wonderful bunt pan which I hope to put on top of a slightly larger round cake ('cause every bride deserves a crown).

The bottom will be a traditional pound cake (with just a hint of lemon). And in my bunt pan, I think I'll bake my once-was-standard family birthday cake -- a delicious orange cake from The Harrowsmith Country Life Baking Book. I've owned that book since the early 90's; and it's one that's stained and dog earred from use. So many great recipes.

I'm not a cake decorator, but I can spot easy elegant finishes that can be pulled off without too much work. A nice buttercream icing, a few fresh flowers in the centre of the crown, and some torquoise icing dots (her wedding color). Hopefully, it will somewhat resemble this one from Pinterest.

Easter weekend for me will be quiet. I can't attend church because of my scent allergy (and we all know that church is FULL of deliberately "stinky" people!). But I'll worship on my own, relax and have a meal with my Dad.

I hope your weekend is a happy one. 


Sandi said...

Somehow I find that picture disturbing. It is snowy...and not! ;-)

The cake looks fabulous.


enjoy your weekend.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Have fun making that beautiful cake.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We had snow mixed with rain on Monday. Yesterday we were warm and sunny, today is cooler with rain. Truly a roller coaster ride as far as the weather goes. The cake looks to be wonderful. So sorry that your allergies keep you away from church, but hope your Easter is a day to celebrate.