Monday, April 29, 2013

What's on the Table this Week? GOT Feast!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before, but my middle daughter and I are avid fans of "Game of Thrones" -- the books the HBO TV series, the merchandise, any shape or form of GOT is great with us.   Molly's birthday is on the 30th and we always get together on Sunday evenings for the latest installment of Season 3. So, amidst bathroom renovations, working 2 jobs, feeding 2 Asians and exercise class, I decided I should create a birthday feast inspired by our favorite series.

I instructed those invited to "wear the black".  Her boyfriend forgot, so he because the self-appointed photographer. 

Chief cook at the castle, the Faire Maiden Molly and 2 scurvy knaves were all more than happy to partake of feasting.

The feast was amazing.  From the top left and working clockwise -- Lemonsweet; wines from Dorne, Lys and the Arbor; honeyed chicken; Cersei's green salad with apples, pinenuts, pomegranate seeds & feta cheese; meat pies and (missing from the picture due to much gorging of selves) spiced squash, buttered carrots, Sansa's lemon cakes and Arya's fruit and cheese tarts.
We took a couple of hours to eat with resting in between courses!

And what's a "Game of Thrones" party with a dragon, right?  This was our attempt at creating Drogon, the largest and most fierce GOT dragon.  Elly said our Drogon looked like a very old dragon because of his huge hairy eyebrows; but he was quite delicious nonetheless.

This week, it's back to healthy, moderate eating.  And there might be an extra exercise class or daily walk fit in there to offset the wonderful feast food.  Thank goodness for fair spring weather.  
I'm once again able to do my daily after-work garden meandering.  I love seeing how much things have grown while I've been away for the day.  And you know, as soon as the cold weather ended and the sun shone, those pesky little Asiatic lily beetles came out of hiding, so it's my joy to hunt down and squish the little varmints!

I hope spring is bringing you joy!  What ya' been eating lately?


Decadent Housewife said...

I like your licorice breathing dragon even with his Andy Rooney eyebrows.

Pamela Gordon said...

Molly looks a lot like you Sandy. It looks like you had a fun birthday party and I love the dragon cake. Cool idea! I've never read the books or watched the show (we don't get it on our country tv) so I don't know much about it but it looks like a fun time. Isn't this weather great? Have a super week!


What fun you had. Looks like a GREAT way to spend an evening with loved ones.

Marguerite said...

This is just the best time of year, I too love coming home after work with a few hours of extra sunshine to just wander and enjoy being outdoors again.