Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yes, in between eating, I thrift!

It's Thrifty Thursday where we get to share the thrifty purchases we've all made lately.  I made my purchases during my Halifax trip last weekend.  But I didn't just find thrifty during my Value Village stop; I actually found thrifty at the mall where I dropped the girls. 
Let's go to Value Village first.  I had a 30% off coupon which is always fun!  (I'll show the clothes at their discounted prices.)

Great orange cotton shirt from Joe Fresh -- lovely pop of color ($2.80).

This pretty sheer ruffle front blouse in navy, white and coral ($4.20).  I wore it to work this week with my navy pants and orange bead earrings.

These 2 t-shirts (from one of my favorite stores):  $3.50 for the pink and $4.90 for the blue which was new with tags on).

I wish these fit me!  I bought them for Elly because they're an excellent brand name (Indigo) and are so in fashion now ($7.00).

A larger bamboo steamer (for my favorite Korean dumplings) - $4.20.

Now my new mall purchases.  I adore buying thrift clothes.  But each spring, I like to buy a couple of new items -- things in white or black, for instance, which can turn  yellow or grey once worn for a while.  One of my favorite stores is Reitman's  (not sure if my US readers have that chain) ... and I probably wouldn't have made any purchases at all if it hadn't been for those 4 racks of "Take an extra 25% off the lowest ticketed price".  How can a woman resist this! 

I focused on buying tops and not pants or skirts as I'm still working on trying to go down a size. (4 lb and 1 inch off so far!).  I believe lace is still in style this year; and I was lucky to find some nice "under" pieces -- pieces to be worn under cardigans or blazers.  

These are matching sleeveless shells. ($13 each)

These 2 pieces are similar -- the white has a short sleeve and the black has a cap sleeve; the white has a plain t-shirt back and the black has buttons up the back -- but they'll look so nice with some of my bright summer jewellry.  ($23 for the white and $18 for the black) 

I love the colors in this and the way it drapes.  ($21)

So there it is!  A little casual; a lot of work related items.  And certainly more money than I'd figured I'd spend on Saturday, but still money well spent.

  • What have you bought lately? 
  • What colors do you look for?
  • What's your favorite shop for clothing?
  • Have you found any good online shops?

Happy thrifting shopping everyone!


Jill said...

Reitman's is one of the few shops in the mall that have nice clothes that fit for me. Northern Reflections used to be good but they have become crazy expensive. I find so nice and different things at Winners and Marshalls

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Looks like you did a great job of updating your Spring wardrobe. I'm not shopping much at all this year as the closet is full and everything pretty much fits same as it always did. I did get out shopping one day for shoes and found a pair that I need to wear to a wedding. Of course they weren't on sale, but they were just what I needed.

Dawn said...

Love the shoes:) They are so vintage looking and would look darling with a dress!


What prices. GREAT deals and some nice pieces to be sure. I'm sticking with animal prints. Got three tops for $8.00.

Pamela Gordon said...

I love Reitman's and shop there for most of my clothes as they are very reasonably priced and they have good sales too. They also have petite pants which I need and are hard to find elsewhere. I shop seasonally picking up things to update my wardrobe and always on sale. I don't have much luck with VV. You found some great buys!

Lottie said...

You have really inspired me to go shopping and update my spring (only) wardrobe! Ha! Great buys and pretty colors! I saw your blog on Sunny Simple Life.

Lottie said...

Sorry, I meant to say I found your blog through Creative Cain Cabin. I'm so distracted because I'm off to shop. Have a great week!