Monday, May 19, 2014

Glimpses of my Weekend

Baptist Church yardsale finds:  jewellery box ($1), beautiful beaded chain necklace ($2), hats for summer tea parties ($1 ea), tea tray ($1), 2 cookbooks ($0.25 ea) and a pillow for Nagisa's room ($2).
Al fresco dinner on the deck and my first gin and tonic of the season.

Multi-cultural event in Lunenburg:  beautiful saris; beautiful people; culture, history, dancing and delicious food.
 Chai concentrate -- which smells divine.  Thank you so much Goody (Eat the Blog).  
(She left the recipe in the comments section of my last post.)

Cooking for the week:
curried carrot lentil soup and spatchcock chicken (both from The Perfect Pantry) and baked falafal.

My kitchen smells delicious right now!


Njbrkb said...

Aging disgracefully?! You've read my mind!!! Second hand shopping first? Red wine (dark) chocolate and a diet that combines them? The definition of grace...we must be soul sisters!!! I stumbled upon your blog while looking for thrift store listings in area of Quebec City... Here for a visit want what's fun and local, not the mall! Ideas? Thx for the smile!

Sweet Tea said...

Love your shopping finds - especially necklaces and hats. What fun! You never seem to have a dull moment!!

My Kurves said...

Good buys and Ahh..a tall glass of Gin. Good way to end a good shopping day! Enjoy your week.


My hubby loves lentil soup and falafal. He'll be knocking on your door for a taste. Me, I want to borrow those hats. LOVE them. So pretty.