Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pre-Weekend Forecast 5.10.14

Nagisa noticed my pretty new necklace yesterday; and with talk, one thing led to another, and we ended up on a tour of my jewellery boxes and hangers and drawers.  She saw the good stuff, the cheap stuff, the thrifted stuff, the gift stuff, the vintage stuff, the blingy stuff ---  it went on and on and on.  

I have a LOT of jewellery!  

One could even say I have too much jewellery.  (I would NEVER personally say that.)  And one must take into account certain factors:  like, I am quite "mature" (the polite way of saying old), and one does accumulate over the years!

So, what am I up to on this Mother's Day weekend?  Well, my weekend may include the following:

The West Dublin Farmer's Market.  Because I've worked at the local farmer's market for the last 2 years, I've never been able to go to that one, and I know lots of the vendors.  Plus who would every say no to a good cup of coffee, a good bowl of soup and a free clothing exchange.

The 2nd Story Women's Centre annual used jewellery sale at the Mall.   Well ......... if I'm at the Mall, I really should take a quick look, right?  And I have to go to the Mall for ......... ummmmm ......... toilet paper!  Yes!  That's it!  Toilet paper!  We ALL need toilet paper.  

Dancing with friends.  Three bands are playing at the local Curling Club; I haven't been dancing since last summer and these feet are anxious to ache with pleasure!

There will hopefully also be some weeding in the garden, some sitting on the deck with a beverage (and a fleece blanket as it's still soooo cold here in NS, and a flurry of cooking for the coming week.

My Mother's Day could find me doing this with my friend Diana who's kids are also miles and miles away from us:
The words "50% off Sale" have a powerful affect on some women!  Then there's the $20 groupon for Darrell's that needs to be used by the end of the month.  I think it's a fine way to spend my Mother's Day.

"I'll be home for dinner", Nagisa! (Hint hint.)  And then I can put my feet up and call my own wonderful Mama.  

I hope your weekend is a fun and relaxing one.


Kay G. said...

Hope you have a relaxing day too.
Happy Mother's Day.

Goody said...

Happy Mother's Day.

I had a trip to the farmer's market planned for tomorrow as well-great minds think alike.

Just to let you know, I made your granola recipe, and it was fantastic. Easily, the best I've made. I stuck the recipe on the fridge, because I think we'll be making it often. We had the best granola, jam, and sour cream parfaits today. Thanks again.


Shifting through the jewelry box sounds like fun. And so do all your other weekend plans. have a good time. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!