Monday, July 7, 2014

Post Arthur Trippin'

Arthur "stormed" through my area Friday night and Saturday leaving a mess in his wake.  It was an odd tropical storm:  wind without the rain (well, other than an inch or so).  I fared very well:  my power didn't go out nor did my phone or internet.  But there are thousands still without either/or today.  I happened to cook a huge dinner and a dessert earlier on Saturday; so I was able to help a few friends later in the day when I found out their situation.  And there was just enough for all of us!  Serendipity!

I took advantage of yesterday's sunny yet somewhat cooler temperatures; and we set out for my annual hike through Kedji Seaside Adjunct.  It's about an 8.2 km loop through a forested path to the seaside, through another forest path, past an old sheep farm, marshes, along a rocky beach and then back to the beginning on a wooden boardwalk over the marshy bird sanctuary.  Here's my tall, willowy daughter, Amy aka Lill, who's home for the whole summer.  She's been away from Nova Scotia for almost 10 years and has never before had the luxury of visiting for this long.

Mama jumps for joy at the sheer bliss of sunshine and water together.  Dipped a toe in, but pulled it out quickly before it cracked in half from the frigid Atlantic ocean!
Now this is a girl who knows how to jump.  My lovely Nagisa enjoyed her day out. 

And here's Lill's reaction to sun and sand.  (She's an honorary member of the Ministry of Silly Walks.)
She spent a lot of time wandering the beach and climbing on rocks and found this lovely "handbag".  Mermaid's purse perhaps?  Either way:  she's couldn't resist posing with it.

When we were 3/4 of the way through our hike, we came upon a German couple standing on the rocky beach looking towards the fen.  They'd spotted a young Black Bear cub occasionally popping his head up from the long grass.  Eeek!  All 5 of us cautiously finished the hike together; and although we came across the foot prints of Mama and Baby Bear, Mama must have been out for porridge (thank goodness) for we didn't see her.

We made it safely back to the car and drove along the ocean side until we reached Liverpool where we enjoyed our picnic lunch -- delicious tuna nori wraps and individual trifles -- next to the Mersey River.  A little windy but lovely none-the-less.  
My tootsies complained a lot last nigh, but today it's just a dull whisper.  Still, I do wish I had a foot massage fairy under my desk ..... for ANY day of the week!


Kathleen's Blog said...

Glad you weren't hit too hard by Arthur!!! Looks like a nice place for a hike............and about those individual trifles-yummmmy. I may well be borrowing that idea for the future---very nice:)


Love the beach photos of you and family. It's nice to know Arthur didn't cause too much trouble.

Sweet Tea said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Glad you all had such a wonderful time and that Arthur didn't ruin it all for you.

Pamela Gordon said...

Wasn't Arthur wild? We had the worst storm in a long time here in central NB. There are still thousands without power. Love your fun photos along the beach. How nice to have your beautiful daughter home for a long visit this summer! Enjoy. I'm glad you didn't cross paths with mama bear. So dangerous. Take care and have a fun summer.

Pat MacKenzie said...

What a lovely day, with everyone in such high spirits. I'd have a hard time with the hike but I'd love a walk on a NS beach again. Individual trifles look delicious. What a great idea.

Goody said...

Gasp! Bears! Oh goodness, do you carry bear spray on your hikes?

Glad the storm wasn't personally a problem for you (and how nice you are to feed neighbours that lost power).


Kay said...

Gorgeous photos! Sorry to hear about Arthur. We've been so out of it that we didn't even hear about that storm. We had Iselle. The devastation is so scary and sad.