Friday, January 30, 2015

Change is a comin'

This is the most dreaded weekend of the whole year ................... the weekend I must say goodbye to the kids I've come to know and love, welcome new students into my home, drive to the airport upt-teen times and somehow find time to clean and prepare for the new students.
So busy! So sad! So frantic! Yet smiling & happy at the same time.

Lena and I said our goodbyes to Nagisa yesterday. She was such a great kid and I loved having her live with me. She left us with tears and great memories ................. as well as a small box of Japanese goodies and an extremely messy & dirty room! It took 2.5 hr to clean and we hauled out 2 large green garbage bags of junk. OMG! Can you say "Oink"?  

Lena was a huge help; her room does not look like that!  Tonight is our last night together, and it's going to be killer saying goodbye to her. She's like my own! Tonight, she's taking me out to supper. Then it will be a whirlwind of cleaning her small room (piece of cake) plus the rest of the house. Gotta make sure the new students come to a clean new home.

Tomorrow we set off to the airport in what could be a nightmare ride. There's the possibility of freezing rain in the morning which will not just mean awful driving but most probably a mix-up of flight delays. Thankfully, if the weather is bad, I can drive with someone else (and have to run on their much later schedule.) Still, I'll bring my book, drink Starbucks and find a comfy place to hide. It'll be okay.

Then next week, a whole new chapter begins.
And with it is the opportunity for me to focus on some positive changes in my own life. 


Linda H said...

It must be so tough to be a "Mom" to these kids and then have to "give them up" after such a short time. Safe travels to you tomorrow. Hope the storm doesn't give you/them problems.

Pamela Gordon said...

Sandi I hope you have a safe trip to the airport. It's going to be so nasty tomorrow. It must be difficult to welcome these girls, get to know them well then say good bye to them. I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Lottie said...

Hope you have a safe trip tomorrow! It is exciting meeting the new young people!

Barb said...

Sounds as though you're still very busy with life! Safe trip to the airport.


Hellos and goodbyes are a part of life. But some are more difficult than others. Be safe going to the airport.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It would be hard to say goodbye to those students that have lived with you. You are so good to open your heart and home to them. Changes are a part of life but not always easy at all.

Stacey said...

Wow I bet that is hard! Where are the two girls going now that they are leaving you? On to bigger dreams? I hope it all goes well this weekend.

sabine said...

It must be a mixture of feelings to say good bye and hello nearly at the same time. To clean the house probably gives you some time for a deep breath. I hope you had a save trip to the airport and a warm welcome from your new kids.
Sabine xxx