Monday, July 17, 2017

Things that Made Me Happy

Here are some of the things that fed my soul and made me happy this past week.

  • My amazing hike Saturday 
Just a short 25 min hike up the mountain and I have this view of my city, Blow Me Down Mountains in the distance, and the beautiful Bay of Islands.

 Back down the mountain and across to the Corner Brook Stream and Gorge Trail. The icy cold stream at the top of the falls was a great place to stop for lunch.

  • Making cherry jam:  Ahhhhh! So sweet and juicy with just a touch of lemon zest. 

  • Weeding and watering the Community Garden with a few of the group. There's something about dirt under my nails that just makes me happy, even if my back is aching.

  •  R 'n' R:  A fresh load of laundry on the line, a day with nothing ahead of me, and a cold Gin 'n' Tonic in the garden amidst the roses and birdsong.

  • The return of one of my favorite TV shows. 
    Yep! It's Ed Sheeran just  hangin' out with Arya.

This is what truly makes life rich -- joy in the simple, mundane things of life.



simple pleasures say it all.

Jack Tyler said...

Tis a beautiful corner of the world you inhabit, Milady! I shared this with my writing group. Maybe it will draw an extra visit or two. Both the pictures and the message certainly deserve to be seen.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I enjoyed all the pictures, but especially the one with your bare feet. Summer is wonderful, isn't it?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a beautiful view you have. You are blessed indeed. I no longer garden or hike but do enjoy these summer days too. So nice to relax in the shade and watch the clouds drifting by. You have lots to be happy about for sure !