Friday, October 20, 2017

Just Breathe!

Yes. It's important to work at taking care of one's self, especially if you are an aging woman such as myself and no longer enjoy the resiliency and vigor of youth.

But it's equally important to not do it all; to stop sometimes and make a conscious effort to hear what your body and your mind are really saying.

These are the times we need to actively rest. (Is that an oxymoron?)  Times when we need to block out the rest of the world - the news media, social media, TV, even friends and family - and find a quiet place of sanctuary -- rest, read, whatever relaxes you and feeds your soul -- and just breathe. 

Stay there as long as is necessary. Treat yourself well. Allow yourself to "be" without criticism or negativity of any kind.

PS - I shall be breathing all weekend! 
        And cleaning my home because that brings a sense of calm 
        and order to my sometimes overwhelming life.
        But mostly breathing!


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Hey Doll, I'll always take a double-dare...It's just the way I fly!!! Love this post, seems I hit the ground runnin' and never take time to go Ahhhhhh. We laughed when our daughter Social Butterfly gave me a relaxation journal for my 65th birthday. Family knows Mama too well!

Today I'm takin' a little down moment and spotted your comment. Gonna try to take a little time today but dang it to's Deep Clean Friday!!! Gotta run........

You enjoy this blessed day sweet Sandy. Cleanin' calms my soul too. :o)

DUTA said...

It goes without saying that at a certain age we've got to listen carefully to our body, try to understand its needs, and act accordingly. Breathing well is the most significant activity of our well being.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Breathing, deep breathing, taking time for yourself is a necessity. Enjoy your weekend!


i agree. breathe just breathe.

sabine said...

True and wise words, Sandy