Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A Month of Thrifting

Last week, the 3 Salvation Army thrift stores in the area closed for their turnover of seasonal clothes. I've been saving my pennies for their re-opening; and this weekend was it. 

$4 for a brand new pair of hiking pants;
zipped pockets on the thighs,
detachable bottom cuff.

Reiker sandals:  Usually in the vicinity
of $120-$160; they cost me
the wee wee sum of $3
When I began hiking last summer, I was fortunate to find a pair of hiking pants. But you need 2 pairs if you want to hike often. I was so pleased to find a brand new pair! 

And what does one say about red shoes? C'est manifique!

A gorgeous crushed crepe
jacket - 1/2 price day (before
the changeover) = $3
A lightweight cordouroy jacket
zip w/ toggle-like buttons and
a plaid-lined hood = $8

I have no use for this beautiful crepe jacket on the right other than the dozens of weddings I may attend over the next couple of years! It's an item of luxury!

And the lightweight cord jacket will be perfect for cool summer nights in NL.

Tunic t-shirt $3 that will look
super with my navy capris.

Stretch denim skort $4 (built-in shorts underneath);
and what a pretty pattern.
I've been pining over my lack of a comfortable jean skirt. And then I found  this skort! It's got some stretch, and it's the perfect length for work or casual. And so as is the t-shirt tunic. I like the color combination of navy and orange too.

Gorgeous color and gorgeous back
detail. $3.50
Stretch fabric with a cute button
detail at the waist. $4
This shirt is from "Cleo" and is one I lusted over all last season when it made it's debut. But at $35, it was a tearful "no"! Every time I visited the Mall, I would sigh wistfully and blow it a kiss. The gods have smiled on me and rewarded me for my steadfast love.  And this royal blue skirt is again really comfy, the perfect length and such a great color. 

$3.50 each

The red crew neck 'Gap' sweater is in perfect shape, and it's casual and so cheerful.

With my 'ample bosom', I've always found jackets to be too confining, so I'm a big fan of cardigans. I have them in many colors. But so many of them are  showing their age; so I'm always on the lookout for replacements. Score 4 lovely cardigans!.  

$5 for this beauty.
I've been on the thrifting lookout as well for a proper hiking jacket --  warm, waterproof, hooded and having lots of zippered pockets.

"Who could resist my multi-
colored charm!"
And with my kitchen full of colorful Fiesta-like dishes, spice jars and mixing bowls, I could not pass by these cute little measuring cups for $2. 

When I left home Saturday, I had $75 hard-earned bucks in my hot little hands. I came back with a summer wardrobe, a smile on my face, and enough change for a cup of good coffee and a chocolate covered oatcake. Pretty good deal, I'd say!

Show and tell time:  

What have you thrifted lately?


beate grigutsch said...

the thrifting gods smiled on you!
especially for the hiking clothes - they are so expensive the first way around...
here was not much thrifting lately - i´m stocked for years with clothes - and if i want buy furniture i have to renovate another room ;-D

Jeanie said...

You've had some terrific finds! That doesn't always happen -- good on you!

Polly said...

Sorry this is late but I couldn't leave without saying wow, you found some great bargains, isn't it a good feeling? And to finish with good coffee and chocolate, that's perfection :-)