Thursday, June 21, 2018

Happy Summer Solstice

My heart has been heavy for the past week with the horrific news reports of what happening to immigrants and their children in the U.S. Now that we at least know families will be kept together from this point forward, I feel a little less sad. But, of course, there has been no report on reuniting families that have been torn apart already. My heart breaks and my head is reeling with anger at this. I am so sorry for my American neighbours. But as there is little I can do here in Canada, I sit and wait for some semblance of humanity to surface in those responsible for perpetrating this crime. And I pray. 


And then I turn my focus to my work (there's always some issue to advocate for or against at a women's centre); and I turn my focus to my children (one is currently visiting Tokyo so I'm living vicariously through her); and I look for joy in the little world closest to me. 

I've had some stellar evening walks! It's finally warming here in western Newfoundland with perfect temperatures for walking. Last evening's loop took me past the seaside with the sound of the gulls and the waves gently lapping (and the occasional car speeding past) and then through the forested former rail line with birdsong and the scent of flowers .... and barbeques! Yum!

Beauties found in the ditch along the way. 
Last night, I took an especially long walk to clear the cobwebs and dust out of my head. (Literal dust: there are renovations happening at the office, and I eat dust in spite of the mask I wear.) I also just wanted to leave the big work to God while I enjoy His creation. Then I came home, put dinner in the oven and turned on some Buena Vista Social Club to listen to while I soaked in a lavender and epsom salts bath. 

Yeah! That did the trick!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does make now wonder what our world will be like 20 years from now. The US depends on a lot of immigrant workers. In our state alone there were two big raids in the past week. One with landscapers and one at a meat packing company. Hundreds of people were affected. Knowing they can no longer depend on that kind of help will certainly send our prices soaring too. I'm so thankful that at least now families will no longer be torn apart. Taking a long walk and a soothing hot bath, does do a lot of good to help one relax and praying helps too. Happy First Day of Summer !

Jack Tyler said...

Yes, it baffles me what's going on here. I'm a veteran, decorated for war service, and this isn't what I remember fighting for. The parallels with Nazi Germany are really chilling; at least they aren't killing dissenters quite yet. I'm glad you found some peace, in any case, and hope it continues to work for you.

Jeanie said...

Hi Sandy, I am so embarrassed about our country. I apologize for the remarks made about your PM. And as Jack said, I have seen parallels with Nazi Germany since the campaign and getting worse every day.