Friday, June 15, 2018

She said Yes to the Dress!

I had a wonderful time last weekend in St John's. Coming from NS where the finer things in life were readily available to me and moving to CB where it's meat 'n' potatoes and the necessities of life, the trip was an enormous tonic to my foodie soul. Sharing it with family was icing on my cake.

We 2 mums were with our two 20-something daughters, so we did our best to keep up, fueled by a big breakfast and a big supper with  coffee and water in between; but it was so exciting and fun that no felt hungry until we stopped each day. We did breakfast at Chez Cora and Rocket (where I also bought a delicious loaf of whole grain sourdough bread to bring home). We ate at Swiss Chalet one night and had an epic evening at Jack Astors another night: St John's is known for it's colorful row houses (left picture), and I was so tickled when I visited the ladies room to see that they'd paid homage to this with the toilet stall doors that I had to snap a picture to share (right picture).

We'd start each day with bridal salon appointments and end up in the malls mid-afternoon. I even managed to fit in a few hours at my beloved Value Village where I scored some treasures. I got to eat Laura Secord ice cream (pistacho/almond and double chocolate together!); and I got myself a Starbucks. I loved the ice cream. But surprisingly, I found that I could have done without the Starbucks and chocolate buttercream cake from Rocket; my months of eating healthy is helping me get over my sugar monkey. Hurray! (And don't worry, there are lots of other fattening, unhealthy foods that I'm still addicted to!) 

But OH! THE BRIDE! She tried on so many dresses; and each salon had a front runner. But #3 salon - Kathy Evans -  was the winner, with a gorgeous beachy, sparkly gown that came in under budget and, as my mum would say, "fit her like a smack in the mouth". Yes ...... I cried and so did her mum-in-law! I'll share some of the runner-up gowns here, but the winning dress is a secret!

 We celebrated that evening with pizza at our Air B'n'B and a bonding evening of hilarious board games as we raised a glass or 2 to a beautiful bride-to-be and a successful shopping trip. 

I loved this vacation weekend with it's over-indulgence, late nights and exhausting day-long trekking. But ohhhhhhhhh! How good to be back to regular meals and sleeping in my own bed. 

This weekend promises to be a sunny one here on the west coast of NL. And the weather man says there will be a turn for the better weather-wise next week with spring being here and summer on it's way! 

Fingers crossed!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all does sound just wonderful and the bride to be looks wonderful too in those scrumptious gowns. Did you look at mom of the bride dresses too? All that food had to have been the topper on the cake to all the shopping. I do agree, it's wonderful to get away but always good to be home again and sleep in your own bed.

M McCarthy said...

I love your blog and I look forward to every post. St John’s is wonderful. My daughter was at Mun. for 5 years and we were back and forth from Ontario several times. We love Newfoundland! Great writing...keep it up!

Kay G. said...

Oh, I hope her dress looks a bit like that middle one, that is my pick of those you showed us! I only spent about forty bucks on my wedding dress (and I had to borrow that from my sis!) so, I really love looking at wedding dresses!

sabine ingerl said...

The wedding dress is marvellous and so is the bride.
To spent some days away from home makes the own bed more comfortable.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a wonderful time -- fab food, beautiful dresses, spending time with loved ones!