Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Snowy Update

I'm back after recovering from a fairly minor yet terribly-inconveniencing viral infection; and I'm ready to rumble!

Rumble with the season, that is!

Yes, Christmas is fast approaching. I've most of the shopping done; next I'll be planning my cooking and baking lists; then the decorating will happen. After 2 years back home, I think I can finally remember that there's only one person in my house, and I'll be sharing sweets with my siblings. So hopefully, I will not go overboard with the baking as I have in previous years. Let's see -- Some kind of shortbread (traditional or with a twist?); some kind of fruity/nutty sweet (dark fruitcake or mincemeat?) and one more treat (cheesecake squares? lemon squares? Decisions, decisions!). I'm still missing my darling international children with their treats, especially my German girls; so I have an idea that I may try chocolate-covered Lebkuchen myself! Hmmmm! We'll see.

The weather here has certainly been Xmas-like. From Nov 11th until this past Sunday, we experienced 4 snowstorms and I had 3 extra days off work! Even for snowy Newfoundland, this is unusual! This is end-of-January weather. Thankfully, the gods blessed us this week with sunshine and a little rain to wash away some of that snow. Still, this is what it looks like here today.
Corner Brook, Newfoundland CANADA - November 27, 2018

Those mountains in the background will retain their snow until sometime next July! (Then I'll climb to the top again.)

TTFN. I'm gonna get back to making my lists (and checking them twice). 


Jeanie said...

Definitely a winter wonderland! I'm sorry you've been sick and glad you are returning back to the holiday world! Wishing you joy and lots of productivity in your seasonal tasks!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are back to normal and can get on with Christmas prep. We have had snow but nothing like you. It's bitter cold today and I'm planning on staying in. It is nice to see the snow on the mountain tops. You have such a pretty view. The only mountains I have are piles of leaves hidden under the snow. They'll probably have to stay there till Spring. Like you I'm making lists and checking them twice!

sabine ingerl said...

It looks like perfect weather for Xmas, this white snowy landscape. We are always looking from snow on Xmas, but mostly we have plus degrees. Have a good Advent season, Sandy.