Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'm off tomorrow for my annual bible camp - The Atlantic Christian Ashram. This is my 17th year and it's one of the highlights of my summers. My children grew up there, and we have friends that we only see this one time of the year.

It's a five-day, inter-denominational camp where there's no mention of what particular faith we are or what church we attend -- we are all just followers of God and lovers of Christ, just the way it should be.

It's held at the United Church Campgrounds in Berwick NS (in the beautiful Annapolis Valley). The 25 acre campgrounds are roughly 150 years old; and although it's right at the edge of the town of Berwick, it's like being in another world entirely -- while it can be as hot as hades in town, you can stay cool as cucumbers at camp under the 100 ft tall hemlock trees. There are cabins, dorms and camping areas.

There's a small book store set up during camp; and a great dining hall where you can eat the most amazing homecooked meals 3X a day for a pittance! The grounds are fenced and there are gatekeepers at night; so it's always been a place where the kids could explore and run free and they were safe. And the schedule is set up so every afternoon is free time; that gives you lots of time to wander into town for ice cream or shopping at Bargain Harley's or laundry. Or you can go on a little jaunt to one of the neighboring towns for their more "exotic" Frenchies thrift stores or for a cherry picking venture. Or how about a drive up the mountain to swim at Lake George. And quiet time happens every night from 11 until 7:45 the next morning, so you can get a good night's rest.

It really is like a little slice of heaven for those 5 days.

This year, my kids are working so they'll be at home. And 2 of my closest Ashram-buddies won't be there. So, although at first I was disappointed, I realize now that it a chance for me to once again, just totally relax and only do what I feel like doing at any given time -- a time to indulge myself and my whims and enjoy ME! God seems to be putting me in those situations lately, so I guess there must be something really good to be learned there.
I'll be praying that the kids behave, the plants survive, and the weather is good! Talk to you next week!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Have a great time and relax!!! It looks like a lovely place to spend a week. Take some pictures to share. 'On Ya'-ma

Teena in Toronto said...

Have fun!

DUTA said...

I wish you a week of fun, relaxation, personal renewal and spiritual guidance!

A human kind of human said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful. I try to attend such a camp at least once a year but it is usualy only for a weekend. Have fun and I hope you come back with all your spiritual batteries fully charged.

Rebecca said...

I'm jealous in what I hope is not a sinful way. May God watch over the kids and the garden and bring you great refreshment and unexpected pleasures. Traditions like these need to be honored and maintained.

Wanda said...

Enjoy your week of being free to do and free to be!

Connie said...

May you have a wonderful time and come back spiritually refreshed!