Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was fortunate enough to be one of, I believe, 56 people who signed up for a little project put on by Shelagh at which she called the Artful Penpal. She took info from each of us and then paired us up according to likes and dislikes.

As a young girl, I loved having penpals! I had a male penpal in Japan in the mid 1960's for 3 years (I can still rhyme off his full name and address -- although I've still no idea where exactly in Japan it is). I also had a female penpal in Winnipeg for a year or so, and I wrote to a girl I met at girl guide camp the summer of 1964 (who was Gordon Pinsent's neice!) for a few years. We exchanged letters and little trinkets; I still have the letters from my Japanese penpal and the Japanese doll he sent. (I believe I reciprocated with Canadian maple leaf cuff links).

Laura at has a great blog today called Penpals; it's all about the correlations between blogging and writing to penpals, about the fun and the friendship involved.


This week, I received my first hand-written letter and package from my new Artful Penpal in Trinidad & Tobago. I was SO excited when this arrived -- it was just like I was 10 again! (Well, except for the grey hair and the extra 30 lb and the having to go to work for a living, and the no boobs, and the Gr 5 math tests, etc etc etc.)

Look what she sent me:

There was information all about her wonderful country and it's famous "Carnival", as well as a hand-made (by her) Carnival doll with string joints and extra clothing and accessories. How sweet of her! And what talent she has!

I'm still in the middle of preparing for my international students, but I'm so excited to make time to write to my new pal!

How many of you still write hand-written letters to friends? Or perhaps you have penpals to whom you "type" long, informatative, chatty letters?


Nezzy said...

What fun!!! I do still hand-write letters and notes. I do have a problem with doodling little pictures on them. Enjoy your "pal" box!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I haven't written a letter by hand in a long time for sure. I do think though that we are sort of like pen pals by our blogs. I love being able to see the sights all over because someone shares their pictures. Enjoy your pen pal!

Laura said...

What a wonderful post and thank you so much for mentioning my post. Isn't it funny how we are all on the same page?

I enjoyed visiting- it sounds like you have been busy!


MissKris said...

I have been writing to the mother of my childhood best friend for almost 35 years. She and I are probably closer to each other than I ever was to her daughter! I've had pen pals since I was 8 years old and I really do believe my bloggy friends take the place of them, since most people don't care to write snail mail letters any more.