Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well fellow bloggies! I'll soon be at my 100th Post. So to honor that momentous occasion, I'm going to host a give-away. I'm going to have a contest .... a competition!

I can hear some of you out there saying "Hey! That's not fair! Why can't we just send in our names?

Well, 'cause it's my blog and I want to be entertained.

Get over it people! Put your thinking caps on! Exercise those brain cells!

So, here's the contest. Knowing what you know about me (and you may have to re-read my previous blogs); if I had $100 in gratis pocket money, how would I spend it this weekend?

Would I be generous and share? Or would I be greedy?

Would I buy chocolate or plants? Or would I put it in my tithe envelope?

I expect more than just a mere 3 word answer. Dream a little! Create a picture for me! Expound! Make me think!

I've not decided what to give away as yet, but it'll be purdy nice!! Not $100 worth -- but more than 100 pennies or 100 dimes.

I'm looking forward to hearing your answers.


MissKris said...

Since my great-grandma came from Lockeport and I live so far away, I think you'd give me the $100 to put towards a plane ticket so I can come visit one of my ancestral homelands! Nova Scotia, here I come!!!! Haha!

Darla said...

First would would tithe the correct percentage, drive to the liquor store and get some Tanquery Gin and tonic water, (lemons you keep on hand). Go out back to your favorite lounging area, sit down, put your hat on read a little, sip a little and admire your flowers a little. After your second drink and getting a little would call a cab to drive you to the Farmer's Market where you would hunt down the Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Icing...indulge until the sugar rush hit you. Then you would run over to the plant stand where you would just browse..and then BAM! You see a plant you just have to have....oops! You are five dollars short so off to the ATM you return, purchase your plants, go back home to your trusty lounging area, drink in hand, hat on head and scan the garden for the perfect place for your new plant!!

Nezzy said...

Being the fine upstanding christian woman you are you'd slap the first ten down in the offering plate. God smiles! On your way to the farmers market a small child in desperate need of new shoes would catch your eye as you lovingly took her had you would enter a store and spend fifteen for a new pair of shoes. Walking past an antique store a wonderful depression glass bowl is spotted in the window and another fifteen dollar purchase is made.

The crisp air is hitting your face as the aroma of coffee and fresh bake goods are in the air. You enter the coffee house to purchase a steaming cup of coffee and a roll and automatically pay for the person behind you leaving forty-five dollars in your pocket. Onward to the busy market.

Standing amidst the venders a fragrant group of potted herbs draws you to make another twelve dollar purchase. Shopping the fresh fruits and veggie stands you let go of another sixteen and spend an additional ten at the bread stand. With only seven dollars left you hit your favorite chocolate maker buying a decadent rich treat of chocolate for yourself.

On the walk home dragging the days goodies behind in the cart, you bump into an old lonely friend and invite her home for dinner to share in all your days blessings.

Got'cha tagged, don't I??? I know God is smiling upon your day.

lynn'sgarden said...

Okay, Doris, since it's in gratis $$, you can't spend it any other way except SELFISHLY! I vote for:
1. Professional Pedi AND Mani...cuz you gotta give your poor forehead a rest girl!
2. Roll that into a massage from Sven (that'll only take 10 minutes...cuz he IS a MAN!(heehee!)
3. Then a nice healthy (but delish) lunch...cuz we're still trying to lose 10 lbs.
4. Next, an afternoon siesta under a cool shady tree...cuz you love being surrounded by beautiful Mother Nature.
5. To help wake-up, treat yourself to a few hours of uninterupted favorite shows while munching on decadent dark chocolate (it's healthier)...cuz you love Mr. TV. (then maybe you can tell me what's going on on LOST!)
6. Best for last, are you ready Ms. Doris? Throw the biggest party imaginable for all your favorite friends, laugh til you cry, dance, leg kicking~Rocketts style while singing..."Cuz you gotta have friends..."
We will all toast to you, Warrior Princess!

All this may cost more than $100 though-ya think?

Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats on #100!

Deb said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your nice comment. I also had a huge weeping willow in the backyard growing up ~ they are such magnificent trees. It took up the bottom half of the garden and I would sit on the swing underneath it with its branches hanging down like a delicate green canopy :-) I think with $100 I would use it to buy a tree and plant it in the park in memory of my lab Ben who passed away a year ago next month ♥

A human kind of human said...

I will just repeat what Darla said. She seems to have you down pat. Congratulations on your upcoming 100th and I suggest you really take $100 and spend it on yourself to celebrate.

Marie said...

I think you'd probably want to share. Maybe even put it into the tithing basket, orrrrr . . . you could give a fantastic Thankyou Barbeque/Picnic for all the people in your community that make a habit of doing kindnesses for others. Wouldn't they be surprised!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Hey Sweets! I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could meet you! I am having such fun reading your posts! Here is what I think you would do with the money. I think you would invite a few friends over for a lovely dinner (that included lots of fresh veggies and a warm, crusty bread), complete with a nice wine (or gin and tonics perhaps?) and then a sinful chocolate dessert! Each person would take home a small plant to remember the fabulous evening! Of course, you would put a bit aside for the offering plate. What do you think?

I just "met" you but I can tell that you are a lot of fun! I am going to follow your blog and would love for you to do the same.:) Lori