Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing Musical Rooms!!

What's been happening at my house lately:

As I'm hosting 2 international students this year , I'll need to have a large enough bed for my youngest daughter to be able to share with my middle daughter when she comes home from college on the occasional weekend. Soooooo ............. I'll move the queen size bed downstairs! (And I'll try sleeping on the 3/4 size bed.)

Ouch! Not very comfortable! Soooooo.......... I'll buy that double mattress and box spring that Eva is wanting to sell! And I'll move that one into my room (and the old one down 3 flights of stairs to the basement). Ahhh! That feels much better!

What good news! I'm able to reclaim the old iron and brass bedstead that my ex and I bought together; and it's a double!! Soooooo ............ I'll borrow Eva's van and fill it with gas and drive 2 hr down and then 2 hr back to pickup that bed.

Hmmm! It's in kind of rough shape after 25 years: it needs to be repainted and the brass really needs cleaning. Soooooo ....... let's take all the brass fittings off (and we'll clean those later). I'll prop the iron bits up in the backyard on top of these old paint sheets; then I'll come home on my lunch breaks just to spray paint for 3 days in a row. (Good thing the weather's cooperating!) Now it looks much better!

In a couple of days, I'll have to move that bed upstairs & put it together. Soooo ...... then I'll have to carry the box spring (which is not needed with the older bed) and the frame down the 3 flights to the basement to store it --- I'm not quite sure where!!!

In the meantime, I need to move the computer out of the spare bedroom because that's not spare anymore! The students are bringing laptops, and Libby just ordered her own. Soooooo ....... I'll move that into my bedroom (because there really isn't another space downstairs to put it). Oh goody! After 20 years, I finally have my own computer! But what do I put it on?

I know! Let's move the pine desk and hutch from the downstairs hallway up to my bedroom and use that for the computer table! Good idea! Sooooo ....... up we go! Gotta make 4 trips what with those large drawers and all!

Oh no! Now there's no room for my dressing table! What to do? Okay! I'll move that one into the yellow bedroom and bring the smaller pine table into my room to use as a dressing table! Sooooo ...... problem solved!

But it's looking mighty crowded on that wall now. Perhaps I should move the tall, shallow bookshelf out to the landing at the top of the stairs! Measure .... great, it fits! But I'll have to repaint it because my room is blue and the stairwell is green! Sooooo ...... I'll shove it into the aqua room until it's painted.

Now that the desk is no longer is the hallway, what do I put there? Why, I'll move the pine jelly cupboard that's in the dining room out there; I've always wanted to anyway. Sooooo ...... Molly! Please help me unload the 5 shelves of glassware and dishes; let's carefully maneuver this 6' cupboard out to the hallway, clean it and reload all that glassware and dishes. Wow! It really looks nice there.

And if I'm moving the tall, shallow bookshelf to the top of the stairs, the 3-tiered corner shelf can move back to the dining room; I've always liked it in that corner! Soooo .... I'll just rearrange a little and move the tea trolly to the larger wall. Perfect! Now I just have to stain the new oak shelf darker and mount that on the wall. There's much more room in here now!

Whew! I'm pooped. But no -- I really can't sit on Tuesday evening to watch "So You Think You Can Dance, Canada". Sooooo ..... let's go through all my winter clothes hanging in the not-so-spare bedroom and move them down those 3 flights to the large closet I just installed 2 weeks ago. Darn it! Why do those things keep shrinking while they're on the hangers?

And I'll have to prepare something for dinner for when we return from the airport. And there's the cleaning to be done; and the fresh linens on the beds; and the welcome packages to be prepared; and the house rules to be typed. Sooooo .......


Oh my!!

Oh ... my .................


A human kind of human said...

I do hope your new bed is very comfortable for after all this moving you deserve a good, comfy bed to rest your weary bones on. I hope you had help!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, you are on overload with it all there. So much to do! Hope it all works out for you. How nice you could help those students out, but little do they know what you are doing to make it nice for them.

Nezzy said...

WoW! After you come to and drag yourself to your new comfortable bed for a restful nights sleep, you are going to have so much fun with your exchange students(new blog material). Have just a beautiful day!

Wanda said...

The song that was playing went so well with your post...I could actually see you moving from room to room, floor to floor in your house...moving and switching everything. You had the "domino effect" going on there Sandy.

I experienced it on a smaller scale this past week, when exchanging computers with my husband...moving each to our own separate computer rooms...rooms that sit side by side with an opening between...a simple move it was not...but we survived...I did not faint...but he almost did! :)