Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rednesday Relaxation

It's Rednesday. And in my house, red always brings to mind one of my favorite rooms, my bathroom!

I think the mocha walls and red accessories make a very pleasing color combination. And when life gets to be too much, this room reminds me not to complicate things and that God has given me a place of refuge. Even with 4 females in the house most of the year & only one shower; even if I have to schedule in my "spa" time; it's well worth it! I've tried to create a place to relax, de-stress and temporarily run away from it all. It's a place where I can talk to God (after all, it is the "throne room") and not talk to anyone else..
I love my cranberry colored towels and accessories. I can't always find exact matches for my them (the store I bought them from has since closed); but as you can see, I'm not adverse to the occasional good quality, excellent condition red towel from Frenchies or Value Village..
The walls have some of my favorite little pieces of art: the Love & Peace plaques from my friend Eva; the 2 beautiful silk-screened fish prints framed in copper (purchased years ago for $1 ea at Frenchies!); the old-fashioned bathtub print ($1); and the the pretty watercolor of sailboats ($2 yard sale).
And no home bathroom spa would be complete without the necessary ingredients of relaxation music, epsom salts (for those aches and pains) and lots and lots and lots of lovely fragrant soaps, bath oils, salts, bombs, bubbles, etc..
A warm fragrant bath, soft background music, a good book and my favorite red beverage goes a long way to helping me bring my world into a healthier perspective and putting the roses back in my cheeks!
Happy Rednesday! And don't forget to stop by and visit Sue and friends at It's A Very Cherry World.


Nezzy said...

What a beautiful retreat you have created for yourself....good for you! I love your 'reds'.

I tried to make my bath as calmin' as I could when we remodeled. I have one sagey papered wall and the rest is in warm beiges, antique whites and whites. I can now really retreat to my bath since my ornery two are off on their on and no longer toss snowballs or icicles over the top into my bath. Yep....I always dreaded that word...INCOMING! Heeehehehe!

You have a beautiful day sweetie!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Very Nice!

bj said...

Hi..I'm bj, over from Rednesday.
I love your pretty reds...and I especially love your choice of drink while relaxing!! :))
Come by to see me sometime.
xo bj

Maureen said...

Sounds like a great retreat to me!

Ann said...

Yes, I have to agree, sounds like a lovely retreat. I sure hope you get many uninterrupted hours listening to music, reading and soaking up some relaxation!
The Tattered Tassel

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so agree with you, we girls need to pamper ourselves and our homes are our refuge. I no longer have to share but still little touches make life so much more enjoyable. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Good for you for pampering yourself and creating a haven for yourself! Love your deep red towels, so pretty.

Happy Rednesday,

craftyles said...

Looks like a nice relaxing place to spend some time. I love long baths-especially using reds!

High Heeled Life said...

What a charmng setting you have created for yourself... I love the "Keep It Simple" reminder on the wall...

The Words Crafter said...

That does look relaxing!