Thursday, August 19, 2010

"V-A-C-A-TION, in the Summer Time"

Are you singing along with Connie Francis and I!


This is it bloggies! The moment I've been waiting for since last summer ...... VACATION!
My lovely friend and ex-SIL, Judy, and I are probably on the road as you read this, listening to oldies on the I-Pod, singing at the top of our lungs & sipping our Tim Horton's ice-caps! The sun will be shining and there won't be any yahoos on the road to get in our way! (Optimism in action there!).

We hit the road this morning, leaving Halifax at 7 AM; and we should reach Cape Breton Island between 11 and noon. We'll cut across CB at Hunter's Mountain (just outside Baddeck) to take the scenic Cabot Trail where we'll drive along the coastline past Margaree Harbour, the French village of Chetticamp, Ingonish Beach and St Ann's -- through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park and some of the most exquisite country on the planet. Look at those roads! We are pumped!!! .
We are excitedly anticipating our overnight stay at Annfield House, a beautiful Victorian B&B in a little village not far from North Sydney. And tomorrow morning at approximately 11:30 AM, we leave North Sydney and travel across the Gulf of St Lawrence on the NL ferry, the Caribou. .

The trip should take us about 6 hours. (Note the emphasis on the "should"; I've taken these ferries many, many times!!) We can nab a table and have numerous cups of tea, games of Skip-Bo and/or cribbage (and maybe even a cocktail in the lounge); OR we can nab a reclining chair in front of the movie screen and hope there's a decent movie scheduled. (But we shall try to avoid eating in the cafeteria because of the prices!)

Once we've finally disembarked at Port aux Basques, we have another 3 hr drive to Corner Brook where we will each collapse into the arms of loving family and allow them to cater to our every need --- for at least that first night!!


There'll be much to blog about when I return in 2 weeks!

Until then, as we say in Newfoundland -- "See ya, bys!"




Eva Gallant said...

Take lots of photos! I've never been to Cape Breton Island! Have fun.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It all sounds just wonderful! Just enjoy yourself and relax. You do deserve a great vacation!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have a super time!

Suburban Princess said...

Have a wonderful time!!!


"Are you singing along with Connie Francis and I!"

Should be...

"Are you singing along with Connie Francis and me!"

Anita said...

Hope you have a wonderful and memorable trip! Looking forward to pictures and tales of your adventure!

Nezzy said...

I'm beltin' out a big old V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, in the summer time...for ya! Oh you and Judy (my BFF's name also) are gonna have a blast and a half. I'm so happy for you, and us too. Your gonna gather so much blog-fodder I can just feel it in these old's gonna be great!!!

God bless you and have a safe and fun trip!!!

wendy said...

I want to go out east someday....I really really do

knitwit said...

Have a wonderful time. It sounds amazing! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Maureen said...

Have a jolly good time!

I went to PEI the year that the Confederation Bridge opened and later took the ferry to NS. We did the Cabot Trail and it was gorgeous but I was terrified!

Bonne vacances!

Barbara said...

Oh I love all your photos, nothing like sharing pictures, hope you have a wonderful fall too, not too long away now, I found your blog and I will be back too, have enjoyed reading, hugs and blessings Barbara from

A human kind of human said...

There goes all my Megs again. Now I will have to visit Google Earth to follow you on your trip and that uses up lots and lots of megs, but I don't mind, that way I need not be too jealous and can enjoy your trip with you. I only have three words for you: "ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!"

Millie said...

Looking forward to seeing your pics of the beautiful country!

LC said...

Wow... my dream trip... my grandfather was from Nova Scotia! L

Sara said...

I am very, very jealous!!