Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit Day!

Rabbit Rabbit everyone!


It's the first day of my favorite month.


And if you can't have a miraculously healed foot, receiving a lovely gift in the mail is a pretty darn great way to start the month, huh!


Last month, I won a giveaway at Blondee's Diary (; and on Monday, this very pretty package was peeping out of the top of my mail box.


But as pretty as the package was, the inside was prettier..

  • There's a new daily reading journal called "A Year with God" (and it's not dated, so if you get lazy and miss a day, you don't feel guilty about it! God doesn't want us feeling guilt anyway!)
  • A postcard of a beautiful watercolor by an artist friend of Blondee -- one worthy of framing.
  • and gorgeous handmade lilac lotion and lilac goats milk soap -- one of my favorite scents. The lotion is in a ball form, and it's perfect for rubbing on my sore, rough elbows and heels. Plus, I smell absolutely divine!


Thank you so much Blondee. What a lovely gift to receive!



It's a beautiful morning! I woke at 7 with the sun streaming in my window; the temperature is 3 deg celcius (38 deg fahrenheit). And as I prepared for work, I was filled with a sense of well being, hope and excitement for the coming Christmas season.


Ahhhhh! Contentment!

PLUS I smell absolutely divine!

Life is good.




knitwit said...

What a great way to start a new month! We always say "White Rabbit". I wonder if we've been doing it all wrong every month!

Anita said...

Sounds like you definitely are having a great day! Gotta love getting those lovely little packages in the mail.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are just a bit colder than you today and there is no sun out there but there is snow fluttering down now and then. Glad your day is off to such a good start and that you are smelling so divine too! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Eva Gallant said...

What a nice surprise!

Blondee said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sandy!

So glad you liked the package, enjoy the book...I thought it was lovely.

Hope you are feeling better every day!

NanaDiana said...

Awww..what a great way to start December...especially since you are not 100% yet....what a nice day brightener! hugs-Diana

reasonably chubby said...

Awww, what a great post Sandy! I'm so glad you're smelling good and feeling good too! I think I'll go to the post office and mail myself!

Manuela@TPOH said...

What a lovely what to start the month. Looks like you won a wonderful give away!


Nezzy said...

Sounds like the timing of your gift was just excellent. Nothin' like a little pampering while your down and we all love to smell good. Congratulations on your great win.

God bless and have a relaxing day!

Pat MacKenzie said...

I love your positive attitude. Hopefully you'll be mobile by Christmas and able to do your round of 'visiting the tree', which must be a Maritime tradition since I've never seen it done since we moved west.

Steve Finnell said...

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Terra said...

I know that package was a spirit lifter for you, as you heal. I was thinking about you today and am writing you a Christmas card to mail today. Terra

♥ helen said...

What a lovely gift you won, congrat ツ