Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xmas Cheer


It's been difficult to have to sit and watch Christmas unfold all around me. But Saturday I was determined to begin some Xmas prep no matter how uncomfortable it was! And uncomfortable it was! I sat on my bedroom floor spread-eagle with gifts and wrapping paper and wrapped the gifts to be sent to other provinces. It was very ouchy!

These helped with the pain!

When the girls got up, they carried Xmas boxes upstairs and began to decorate..
There's still lots to be distributed throughout the dining room and kitchen:

But that has to wait until Sunday afternoon when we're all free again. We each had Sat evening plans with various friends. But it was a wonderful start to the decorating. And just sitting amidst the mess and seeing all that jolly red and green lifts my spirits so much.
And even while my heart is rejoicing, my little tootsies still complain.
There's still a hint of bruising and some swelling along the side of what used to be an ankle. (I believe it's in there somewhere!) There's still pain and aching in the area of the fracture. And although a little less sausage-like, my fat little toes are still stiff and swollen, sticking straight out from my foot like little soldiers at attention, refusing to relax and sit on the floor. Stubborn little toes!
Tomorrow a friend is taking me to visit the orthopedic surgeon again on the other side of the province. And as there's still Xmas shopping to do, we're making a day of it with our international students. I'm really looking forward to it. I've never shopped in New Minas before.
Even in a wheelchair, I'm sure there are bargains with my name on them that I can conquer!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Everytime I see your swollen foot I say ouch. I think your fracture must have been worse than mine was as I don't remember that swelling being so bad after the first few weeks. I had a walking boot cast that allowed me to get around quite well after being in a wheel chair and crutches for 4 weeks. Glad you have that Christmas spirit spread around so nicely. I'm sure today will find more there too.
Take care with that venture out.

Karen said...

Oh man, that had to hurt. Glad you have family and friends to help you through the healing, and the decorating and shopping and cleaning and wrapping and etc. etc. etc. of the crazy holiday season.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So glad you got some decorations up. It has to make you feel better. Foot is still painful, ouch! Enjoy your shopping, there are bargains just waiting for you I'm sure.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, you are on the hardcore painkillers, girl! Better take it easy and switch to oxycontin instead!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Yes, Debra. I realize that Skittles are one of the most addictive pain killers out there, but I'll soon be weaning off them with chocolate and Xmas shortbread.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm sorry you aren't able to get the things done that you want when you want, but you need to enjoy allowing others to serve you this season.
Really, they do love it.

That does look like a swollen ankle, OUCH!

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Your foot still looks quite swollen. Its a good thing you are visiting the specialist. Hope the fracture is healing well.
You are still very organized for the Christmas decorating. I haven't started either and I have no excuse, well maybe a little one.... I'm renovating! Have a fun time shopping in New Minas and I hope your foot is better soon. :)

Eva Gallant said...

You're a trouper, that's for sure. Hope the swelling goes down before too much longer. Enjoy your shopping trip!

Barb said...

Sure glad that you're still in the mood for shopping - just think how much you can pile onto the chair! Your ankle still looks mighty swollen - sending you healing thoughts.

NanaDiana said...

Wow! That foot still looks really swollen! I would think it should be going down by now?

Glad that you are getting a little Christmas cheer even in the midst of pain and recovery. Have fun can wheel right over the people in front of you!>) Hugs- Diana

wendy said...

Yikes, your ankle still does look pretty swollen. But, hey shopping in a wheel chair with someone else pushing your around sounds kinda cool.
No matter what your mood, the decorations do seem to brighten your spirits.

Nezzy said...

There just can't be anything worse than to be in pain and constricted 'round Christmastime. Girl your foot is still really, really swollen. I'm so glad you have the girls there to help ya out a bit.

Take care of that foot sweetie and may God bless your week!!!

Peggy said...

I just tripped a few hours ago over my daughters pile of stuff (shoes, purse, backpack, etc) and am sitting on the sofa with my ankle on ice. I'm hoping the ice keeps if form swelling too bad...don't want to go to the Dr.