Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have Wheels, Will Travel!

I did it! With the help of Gini, I got groceries last night at my local Sobey's store. She pushed the shopping cart and I wheeled myself in the wheelchair provided by the store; and I must say, they were pretty darned impressive! They were clean & in good repair, and the wheels were easy to turn which made it great for maneuverability. Better than the one provided me for work by the Red Cross. I was smokin' last night!
It felt wonderful to be running my own errands. The shops were full of pretty lights and Xmas decorations. All sorts of busy, rushing people milled around me (staring at my foot with its "Dash Getaway" sneaker); but I just slowly meandered through the aisles, stopping occasionally to grope the tomatoes or sniff the Clementines. It was quite enjoyable!
Why, I still felt great after Sobey's; so I had Gini wheel me down the mall to Shopper's Drug Mart where I bought some other necessities. I'm relieved to report that I no longer sport an inch wide gap of grey at my hair line thanks to this new-to-me product:(New color for me #80 Butternut -- very pretty;
and a nice fragrance to the hair dye)
As well, I was able to replenish my facial moisturing cream (Marcelle Anti-Wrinkle); AND it was on sale for half price! so I was able to buy a day and a night cream.
Yes, it was such a successful night that it fair screamed celebration. So, on our way home, we headed to DQ for one of these:
Ah, what freedom has been gained! After all that, I feel like a brand new woman today!
A happy, hopeful, young, moisturized, slightly tubby woman! (Freedom does have it's costs!)


Becca's Dirt said...

Sandy, I can always come here for a chuckle. I love that you were wheelin through the store. Wish I had been there. I would've gotten on one and we could have had fun whizzing through the aisles like we're racing.

Eva Gallant said...

Congrats on the outing! I'm sure it was a relief to be able to get out and shop a little!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got out! It must have been quite an adventure. Most of the stores around here have them available. Some are even electric with the shopping cart attached.

Nezzy said...

Put wheels under ya I bet you were smokin'!!! It's so good ya got out and about. I can just see ya dashin' through the store...on a four wheeled rolin' sleigh...down the isles ya go...shoppin' all the way. Ok, I'll stop but I just had to sing it. :o)

That Truffle DQ thingie looks amazing! Bite???

God bless and enjoy your day girl!

High Heeled Life said...

When suddenly we are not able to do something .. its amazing the simplest things that really do mean something. You will be up and dancing in no time... xo HHL

Jeannie B. said...

It sounds like you had a great day. Nothing will give you an appreciation for something (like two working feet) until you don't have it!!

Blondee said...

How wonderful that you were able to get out and about again! Makes you feel like a new person, doesn't it? We take for granted all these little things until we can't do them anymore....glad you got a taste of freedom again, not much longer and you'll be back at top speed!

Neil and Susan Brown said...

Sounds like a great day for you! Maybe this is a good thing having the wheel chair. Everyone gets out of your way and you are shopping like a queen. The tiles are so slippery in the mall and the last thing you need is another fall. I have to go and get some of that anti-wrinkle cream!!
Have a great day..... Susan :)

LV said...

At least you are dealing with your problem and making light of it. We have to make the best of things at times. Glad you are doing better.