Monday, December 20, 2010

Deck the Halls!

I think I'm ready!.

With the help of my lovely slaves, the halls are decorated, the tree is trimmed and the lovely fat turkey is in the freezer; there are chockies in the larder along with nuts and enough ginger ale and Coke to rot the teeth of all 6 females who will be inhabiting this house over the Xmas season. A mother knows her Xmas work is done when she can say that!.

Here's a look at my jolly little tree .... \.

Because the tree is so little this year, there are only about 1/3 of my ornaments on it. But I tried to put on my favorites, like these:


It takes so much energy for me to do even one chore, so I haven't been posting much lately. My apologies to my neglected bloggie friends.
Why just yesterday, I sat on my bedroom floor and tried to organize the gifts for my 5 girls. It was exhausting! But even more exhausting was trying to wrap them: crawling over and under trying to get at the boxes, the tissue and wrapping papers; the sissors, the tape and ribbon and the tags! OMG! I'm afraid that after the first half hour, most of the gifts got stuffed unceremoniously into gift bags.


Stuff ... stuff ... stuff! It didn't matter if the bags were the right size! It didn't matter that the tops were overflowing and bulging with undies and socks! It didn't matter if the sides of the bags were popping and threatening to break open!

"Argh! I just don't care!"
I yelled at my poor, defenseless foot!

It's not true -- I did care!

But I let it go! Those negative thoughts were sent upward and outward to the gift wrapping gods as I sat there on the floor with my eyes closed, rubbed my toes and intoned "Ummmm. Ummmm"..


No! Wait a minute now!

I was intoning "Yummm. Yummm" ..... as my hand was swifting moving from Hershey Kiss bowl to mouth.


Ya gonna keep those de-stressing tools close at hand (& at mouth)!



Eva Gallant said...

Definitely a good idea to have those Hersey kisses handy! I resort to gift bags frequently! It's just so much easier!

Annie Joy said...

I'm adding Hershey Kisses to my grocery list. You see, my daughter is bringing her family (herself, hubby and three darling little girls) to Oklahoma for Christmas from Alabama. To keep from packing all of their gifts, she has been shipping them here. My closet is stacked high, as is the floor next to the guest room bed. Guess who will be wrapping on the 23rd and 24th?

Sara said...

Just tell yourself you are being environmentally friendly by using gift's the "in" thing my dear!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good for you getting it all done! I love gift bags and made good use of them at my house too. So much easier than wrapping. I have a few wrapped but not many.

Nezzy said...

I understand that M&M's are a great pill to take too! Heeehehee!

Take care of that foot baby. I sure wish you were here. I'd doctor ya up real good... I made some truffles that I'm namin' 'chocolate orgasms'!!! I bet they'd have ya dancing and shoutin' hallelujah! :o)

God bless ya sweetie!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've always considered Chocolate to be 'medicine'!! Looks like you are about ready. Gift bags work and so relax and enjoy.

wendy said...

Your tree is darling. And nothing screams Christmas like having enough treats and soda to rot our teeth out. And add rolly polly pounds.
It will be wonderful I am sure.
Wishing for you a sturdier foot for Christmas my friend.........have a glorious time.

Kelly L said...

Very pretty tree but what is a "chockies"?

Love to you
I've Become My Mother

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so sorry that you are still having trouble with your has been a long few weeks for you! Take good care- and your tree is lovely...and the girls won't care one bit if something is wrapped or stuffed in a bag. Hugs-Diana

Lisa said...

I love your tree! And yes, seems like wrapping gets a little harder each year... and it is always so nice when it is all done and everything is ready. We are having a ham this year and a lasagna.