Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shoesday - Oct 11.11

I had a grand hunting trip on Saturday. I tracked down these shoes at Naturalizer -- Good quality, cushiony and comfortable, not quite as high as they looked at first (they have that little bit of a platform) and on sale! I was quite smitten with these. But $99.99 + tax - $15 birthday coupon was not in my budget.I was sad to leave them on the shelf.
But then I tried on these: Naturalizer again, same wonderful shoe ... but although these were lower at $79.99 +tax - $15 coupon, I still couldn't justify it! Goodbye little leopard flat! :(
Then I spied these beauties! Ohhhhh! They were so gorgeous on my feet. It was hard to talk myself out of these ones because, you know! They're RED! But they again were $79.99 bla bla bla..

I cried a little when I had to leave them behind. And nothing else after that could even come close to those first finds!
Except beauty and value! I found these lovlies at Value Village. Not quite the season for nude shoes, but they were THE shoe to have this season. And at $7.99 less 15%, these ones did fit into my budget.
Strap them to the roof rack, Jeeves!
I found some good purchases that day and had a lot of fun at Value Village! But that's my Thrifty Thursday post this week.
I had a wonderful weekend in general with friends and good food and gifts and wine and laughter and dancing wildly, although that last one was done by me ... around the house ... while cooking turkey and listening to Galaxy World Music on digital TV. (Have you ever tried to interpret the various music heard there? Gypsy? Cuban? Ghanan? It's quite fun; and really funny if you're over 50 and white!)
Now I head into a short, 4 day work week. It is good!


Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I'm with you. No matter how much I love them, I could not justify paying $99 for shoes. Worse even would be the $150 purse to go with them. I'd have to take out a 2nd mortgage for that. No way, no how! It might take more looking around, but I always find something I like just as much for less than half that price.

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

A girl can never have to many pairs of shoes:)

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm with you on buying value shoes. The prices are just too high for me at most stores. I found a beautiful pair of shoes at Famous Footwear while in Maine last week for under $40. They'll only be worn on Sunday's so no need to spend more. Right??

karensomethingorother said...

super fun shoes! Glad you had such a nice weekend. I'll have to give Galaxy music a try sometime...

Nezzy said...

There ya go again...findin' the buy of the century.

I always sing and dance when I cookin'...of course when nobody's lookin'. Although I have be caught more than once! Heeehehehe!

Your weekend sounded perfect sweetie.

God bless and have a super day!!! :o)

wendy said...

even though those shoes you DIDN't get, were awesome
waaay overpriced
so you did good by getting the ones you bought
I hate spending lots of money on shoes.
I went to a Value Village when I visited my friend in Ontario/Ottawa
it was very cool

haven't found anything that great in my neck of the woods.

I'd like to see you dancing around while basting your turkey

Debra from Bungalow said...

Hoe you had a great turkey day! I love thanksgiving, especially the food.

You held out for the best shoes at the best price and hit the jackpot. Good for you!

Sweet Tea said...

I'd say you made the smart, albeit difficult decision, to go with the nude shoes. When in doubt, "always go NUDE!!".

Are you enjoying left-over turkey sandwiches. Sure wish I had one about now, with dressing/stuffing atop it with a bit of cranberry sauce! Yum!!

Dance on, my dear, dance on!!