Monday, December 12, 2011

Dishin' around the Xmas Tree

When I was little, I dreamed of Lennox Xmas dishes. At that point, they were the only ones I'd ever seen, and even then, they were only in glossy magazine photos.
I still don't have Lennox. But I do have a lovely selection of much cheaper festive tableware. So for Dawn (and anyone else out there who likes to peep in other peoples' cupboards, here's what I have.

  • I have 2 sets of these 4 salad plates that are used for every day. My toast and maccaroni taste much better on these pretty plates.


I also have 2 sets of these 4 bowls for everyday use. Just imagine chowing down on your black bean soup and being greeted at the bottom by Santa or Frosty!


  • If you're having dessert at my house (which would NEVER happen, right?), you have a choice: you can choose to sing for your supper with a chorus of "Deck the Halls"or

  • "All I want for Xmas". (The trip to Paris would be my first choice!)

  • And for an après ski (or in my case, après le pelletage [shovelling]), you can have your shortbread on this little square plate and your hot chocolate in this cute cup!


  • If you're staying for dinner, I have 4 of these plates which I thrifted.


  • The first dishes I ever bought and still my all-time favorite set are these ivy patterned set; they come out on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day. And like all my dishes, these were very inexpensive. And I also love my stemware. Arby's (the fast-food beef sandwich chain) offered these many, many years ago for an extra dollar or two with your meal, a different glass or dessert cup each year. And I've been fortunate enough to pick up extras at thrift stores.

The Holly set are a great match for my Xmas dinner dishes. The snowy scene ones are really pretty as well and almost always hold my wine and/or egg nog.


Perhaps some day, I'll own a piece of Lennox. But until that lucky day when I find it at Value Village, I'm quite content with my other pretty pieces.


So how about it! Do you have a love for festive dishes?




Janet said...

You have some very festive pieces, Sandy - I love the dessert plates!

No festive dishes here - but I do bring out my grandmother's good china for our Christmas dinner! And I have lots of Christmas tins for baked goods. I'm also addicted to buying Christmas napkins (the paper cocktail ones) with goofy/silly pictures or Christmas puns.

Thanks for letting us look in your cupboard :)

❀❀❀Ðαωᾔ❀❀❀ said...

Thanks for showing the dishes up close. Was I the only nosy one? LOL
I would like to stop by and have some of the black bean soup with the snowman at the bottom, and I will have a little after dinner sweet on the Paris dish. Everything is so festive, it is hard to pick a favorite. Thanks again, that was fun.


LOVE your dishes. Very eclectic. Just so you know I have never been to Paris but I like those dishes best and the snowmen are kind of cute too. The Lennox dinner plates here at TJ MAXX run $16 per plate. I don't need them, but like you said they are so-ooo beautiful, I covet them. My Christmas dishes are packed away somewhere in my house. It is near impossible to get to them. So I use white dishes for Christmas instead. I'm so-ooo boring. My napkins and napkin rings jazz them up. take care.


PS) How could I forget? I am CRAZY in love with your red plates.

DearHelenHartman said...

Those are such fun! Have a set of holly dishes that I've had since before I was married (Yes, they did TOO have dishes back then, we did NOT eat off planks with stick forks!).

theelfqueen said...

I think those holly glasses came from a restaurant... We had loads of them at one point! (well my parents did).... I love Holiday dishes but have nowhere to put them. So my regular china comes out for special occasions. It's not expensive or fancy but my dad's mother bought it for my mom -- so I love it.

Sweet Tea said...

I loved seeing all your dishes. What a fun collection! I have the white snowy glasses from Arby's!
AND, I LOVE that you didn't pay a fortune for them, which makes them even prettier to me!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

You have a great selection of Christmas dishes. I love Christmas dishes but have only one set - Christmas plaid from Sears Whole Home. I have winter dishes too - white with silver snowflakes on them from Canadian Tire and SuperStore. I've dreamed of owning the Christmas Tree china but it's way too expensive and I don't really need it. Great post!

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! I love your beautifully eclectic collection!

I'd sure love to share a meal with ya on one of those lovely dishes!

God bless and have an outstandin' day sweetie!!!

BTW: place, ya'll come! :o)

Jessica Cangiano said...

What an absolutely terrific holiday dishware collection! I really enjoy festive dishes and crockery, too, though (chock this up to a tiny apartment with zip in the way of storage space) don't have much of a collection at the moment. Hopefully one day! :)

Thank you deeply for your kind, caring words about my broken foot, sweet soul. I'm very sorry that you endured a similar situation yourself last year and hope that you've been able to recover fully in the time since then.

Heart felt thanks & oodles of hugs,

Betsy said...

What a fun variety of dishes! It's so nice to have a choice. I remember those Arby's glasses. I had a bunch of them--I wonder what ever happened to them? Last year I finally broke down and bought some Christmas plates from Target half price. I was so happy when I rediscovered them this year!

My Little Home and Garden said...

Lovely dishes, but it's your writing that makes me really smile!

Furry Bottoms said...

You have some really cute stuff!