Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ho Ho Rabbit Rabbit - Dec 2011!

Rabbit Rabbit everyone!

It's finally here! December -- one of my favorite months.


With surprise (and even greater relief) that I find December is not as chock-a-block full of observances as some of the other months. But that's because there's more than enough to do in December with preparing for Christmas. Still, if you find that you need a break from holly hanging, gift wrapping and ho-ho-ho-ing, there are lots of other things to observe.

  • On the serious side, December is World Aids Month and National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month; as well, Dec 2nd is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Day. .

  • We associate December with the usual Xmas food. But it's also Quince & Watermelon Month, Root Vegetables & Exotic Fruits Month and Tomato & Winter Squash Month. Dec 7th is National Cotton Candy Day, Dec 26th National Candy Cane Day and Dec 28th & 29th National Chocolate Day. (I think I'll start practicing for that last day beginning ... say, Dec 3rd --- just so I'll be ready!) .

  • AND ...Dec 16th is National Chocolate-covered Anything Day. Indulge in a chocolate something that you've never tried before: bacon? I'm up for that one. Profiteroles? Yummy! Chocolate-covered fruit? So healthy (well it can be!). .

  • December is Spiritual Literacy Month. I'm a born-again Christian; and Jesus is the reason for the season. But I think that we all need to believe in something; and we need to know what we believe. Did you know that experts say that it's better for your health to have a spiritual belief in a higher power?


  • Dec 1st-7th is Cookie Cutter Week and Recipe Greetings for the Holidays Week; AND Dec 4th is National Cookie Day. I'm sure there will be a lot of cookie making throughout the whole month. (I'm looking forward to using my snowflake cutters again this year as well as the girls making their cut-out gingerbread hobos, Donald Trumps and street-walkers. I have very creative kids!)


  • Dec 1st is Chester Greenwood Day -- otherwise known as Earmuff Day. I used to have these gorgeous and oh-so warm silver Fox fur earmuffs in the 70's that I just loved. My cat ate them in the '80's. (Obviously a surreptitious member of Greenpeace.)


  • Dec 5th is Bathtub Party Day. Huh? What's that about? Well, seeing as I do like to observe as many occasions as possible, I'll participate. But I'm tellin' you! After I have a party cleaning my bathtub and surround, I'll pour in the bubbles, turn on the ocean wave music, pour myself a glass of vino and have my party --- for 1 and 1 only! What kind of gal do you take me for? (Yeah, I know! A lonely, single one. Sigh .....)

  • Dec 6th is the birthday of Saint Nicolas. When the girls were young, we always had a little party for him. These days, I think he and I will get enough sweeties this month, therefore, no celebration will be had!


  • Dec 9th is World Choral Day. One of my favorite things to do during this season is listen to local chorales; and we have some lovely ones!

  • Dec 12th is Poinsettia Day. Do you have yours yet?

  • Dec 14th is National Salesperson Day; and with the crowds of frantic shoppers, these people need their own day, poor things. Perhaps I'll go round with a box of chockies this year.

  • Dec 14th is also Monkey Day? And Dec 15th is Cat Herders Day? I don't know; December can be a strange one!!!


  • Dec 21st is Crossword Puzzle Day. I love crossword puzzles!

  • Dec 21st is also Humbug Day. I'm an optimist; so I'm going with the British hard candies and NOT the Ebenezer Scrooge version.

  • Dec 22nd is National Haiku Poetry Day. Anyone up for it?

  • Dec 23rd is Festivus Day -- a day for those who wish to take part in the beauty of the Christmas season without partaking in the pressures and commercialism.

  • Dec 24th is Christmas Eve -- a day of excitement and anticipation, Xmas Eve services and favorite old-timey Xmas movies in our house.

  • And Dec 25th is Christmas Day - a celebration of the birth of the Christ child, a day of family, food and fun.

  • Dec 26th is Boxing Day; and this is when the real relaxing begins for me.

  • National Whiner's Day is Dec 26th as well. That's for the ungrateful people who didn't get what they wanted for Xmas.

  • Dec 30th is (appropriately) Falling Needles Family Fest Day. Many trees are taken down in observance of this day. But not mine! Not yet!

  • Dec 31st is a big day as well. Not only is it New Year's Eve, but it's also Make up your Mind Day. (Ya know: What will I wear? Where will I go? What should I bring? Should I kiss ___ at midnight? Should I add that to my resolution list? Scheesch!)

  • Dec 31st is also World Peace Meditation Day.

Now there's a resolution for you!


Happy December everyone. May your preparations be happy and stressfree; and don't forget to breathe deeply and enjoy muchly!




Terra said...

Sandy, you went to a lot of work to create this post, with all the neat illustrations and fascinating stuff. Bathtub day, who knew? Chocolate covered anything day, hey let's celebrate this one with apricots and strawberries.


Who knew there were so many reasons to celebrate December. Apparently you did and thank goodness for that. Count me in for Bathtub Party Day, Cotton Candy Day and Earmuff Day. As we speak I am getting prepared. Thanks for the info. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

December will be a wonderful month. I'll be trying to celebrate all these wonderful holidays as they come, especially Christmas. Hope your Thursday is a wonderful one there.

Chatty Crone said...


Gosh there is something every day this month. My favorite is Dec 16th is National Chocolate-covered Anything Day. I can do that! And that national bath day - what's up with that? Thanks for the info. I've got to go and get busy!


Nezzy said...

Right back at'cha sweetie!!! I love your list of special December days although, I kinda like to bathe alone! Heeehehee!!!!

Thanks for the informative yet comical line~up!

May you have a blessed day sweetie.

Ya gotta love that chocolate covered anything day!!!! :o)

Bonnie said...

I will most definitely observer, "Falling needles family fest day"(????) As it is my birthday and my needles do seem to be lessening or at least something is.

Red said...

Thanks for telling me what each day is significant for. It's surprising that so many organizations have been aggressive enough to get a day designated for their cause.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

Well, I am all for December 16th. I will celebrate that day to the fullest, because it is the right thing to do.