Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm a dreamer

I'm supposed to be an empty-nester.  This little house was chosen because it was the perfect size for me and my plans.  But things don't always turn out the way you think they will.  So, I host international students and have a daughter living in my basement.

Ahhhh!  The best laid plans of mice and men!

I adjusted to this change in plans.  I love all my children; and I have loads of fun with them.  But I still dream of being an empty-nester.

I dream of:

  • my house remaining clean when I clean it
  • my refrigerator still having the same food in it at 5 pm as it did when I left for work at 8:30 am
  • I dream of smaller loads of laundry being washed once a week

  • I dream of the freedom to walk naked through my house & to eat when and if I want
  • I dream of being sooooo bored because the chores are all done, the cooking is all done, and no one wants me to pick them up or drop them off
  • I dream of one spare room being a library/TV room -- the perfect place for my daybed

  • I dream of the other spare room being a sewing/craft room - perhaps I'd start another quilt or get around to finishing my hooked rug (the one begun 32 years ago!!)

  • I dream of the basement being the seldom used spare room
  • I dream of becoming "the crazy cat lady" (I'm half way there ...... Guess which half?)

But I don't dwell on my delayed dreams.  After all, God wants to give me the desires of my heart.  So, I say a little prayer for tomorrow, and I come up with a happy alternative today -- be it snuggling alone with a glass of wine and a good book or baking cookies and choosing the perfect film to watch with the girls.

Notice I said delayed dreams?  Cause I can still see in my mind's eye ----- me, my house, a comfy chaise lounge .... and a hunky octogenarian slipping off my support hose so he can rub my feet!

Ladies and gentlemen, I know how to dream!


Terra said...

Your house sounds full and busy and happy. Some folks live alone and have quiet clean houses and they are lonely. So cherish your full house and finish that rug project (Ha ha).

Red said...

You know how to dream but you wouldn't like what you envisage. Being an empty nester is not the ticket for you. You like young people too much to ever let them go!

Sweet Tea said...

You know how to dream and make me laugh. I think you're the type of gal who will always have enough energy to share!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am an empty nester and will say I miss those days of having a house full of youngsters. I live alone and have that craft room and what used to be bedrooms are more or less storage rooms. There have been plenty of times that I miss all of them but I do enjoy the peace and quiet and doing what I want when I want. They come and visit and go home now. And that's ok. Hang on to your dreams...we all need them. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Judy said...

You should read "Dancing Naked at the Edge of Dawn" by Kris Radish... from the sound of this post, you would enjoy it...

A human kind of human said...

Oh Sandy, I did not know that you had a cat....
I simply loved this post as it could have been written by me (not as well as you did, but still). Only thing is I believe that should that day really comes, we will both rush out after the first week and find somebody to take care of - lol.

Nezzy said...

Awwwwm the perfect dream life but I know with all the messes and craziness that you wouldn't have it any other way.

Girl, you are livin' your dream life!
God knows that you just gotta share.

God bless and have a fabulous kinda day!!!

Your 'girls' are sooooo lucky! :o)

Pam said...

You might just get bored being by yourself, but it would be nice to find out. I myself would love to have less laundry to do. I do laundry every day of my life.

wendy said...

I don't know, somhow dreams have a way of coming true.
I waited for 40 years for my dream to come true, but it didn't come with it's share of "difficulty"
Often times we pay one price to gain another.
I have learned to try and ENJOY the circumstance we are in now, cuase it is what it is.
and often times, when it is GONE, we miss a part of it.
Am I making any sense???

but Yeah, it is super fun to run around the house naked (tee,hee)


OH the good life of an empty nester. I got to enjoy it for a while. But then my boomerang daughter came back home. And my husband lost his job and the house became very crowded. I hope you get to realize your dream one day. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. In the meantime ENJOY what you've got. It is precious. Take care.

Heather said...

Just when I thought I was an empty nested, just when I thought the little 2 bedroom house was just the right size, just when I got rid of all the baby stuff - my son was having marriage problems and moved in with his 2 preschool aged boys. Fortunately all is well and he's home and the marriage is thriving. But for those 6 months, my dream was delayed too.

Marie Wreath said...

Hello there! I found you through Heather...so glad I did, too. What a funny and seriously comforting post! "Delayed Dreams," I really like that notion And I love the reminder that God wants us to have the desires of our hearts. xoxo

Heather said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a "Sweet Blogger" award. Head on over to my blog to check it out.

Diana said...

Hi Sandy, I came over from Cow Patty Surprise. And I was surprised by how much we have in common.
I have a lot of those same dreams!!
Love your post.
Love Di ♥

Eunice said...

I love your post ... especially the last part :)
Although I seldom comment, I giggle and nod my head while reading your posts.

Saying "Hi" from Summerside :)

Maureen said...

Well said. It could have been me speaking but then I tell myself to count my blessings.