Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My sad Valentine's Day :(

Yesterday, I presented the girls with little Chinese take-out boxes containing chocolate kisses and caramel hearts and hot lips (my favorites).  I sent my away-daughters Valentine cards containing cinnamon hearts and money for a big, decadent latte.  I dressed in red for work and wore the little heart earrings that I've worn for 26 years (the cheap little ones I love because I bought them on my trip to London and it reminds me of high teas at 4 pm and Kensington Palace and pints of bitter at The Friends Pub).  And then I made spaghetti with tomato sauce & meatballs and strawberry parfaits for dinner.

But alas, alack, alow!  I didn't get any valentines in return!  None in the mail; none on my dresser!  No kisses, no hugs!  
And I refrained from using my stun gun or my amazing choking powers on the ungrateful little wretches!

But that wasn't unusual; and I know that they love me.  But what really made me sad was the fact that I couldn't console myself by eating any of the chocolate-that-I-always-buy-for-myself-because-I-deserve-it.  I didn't buy any chocolate-that-I-always-buy-for-myself-because-I-deserve-it.  I was not allowed to eat real chocolate!
Exactly how I reacted!!!!

You see, last week I decided that I'd had enough of my muffin top and my mood swings and my ill-fitting clothes and my lack of motivation.  And I went back to: 

Twelve years ago I became a life-time member after successfully losing 25 pounds.  It's taken me 12 years to put it all back on.  So, let's see how long it'll take me this time to get it off again!

I love the organization and support of WW. (And me and Jennifer Hudson?  We're like this - we're like "tight" man!  ..... Well, she's tight because of her abs and butt; and I'm tight because of my pants and shirts!)  I like having an organization that will hold me accountable and help me through the difficult times.  I'm fine with meal planning and drinking all that water, etc etc.  But what is hard for me is not having something sweet 'n' chocolatie after a meal; and although there are a myriad of low-points chocos out there, I can't eat a lot of artificial sweeteners  because they give me headaches and/or interfere with my sleep.

  • But it WAS Valentine's Day!
  • And I ain't got no man!  
  • And my kids are mostly still in the take-and-not-give phase!  
  • And TV viewing was lousy last night.
  • And my book-club book is tedious!

So I did what I had to do:  I ate 2 of these
Yum, yum, yummy!
And I had a large cup of delicious tea.  And I reminded myself that in a few months, I'll be even hotter than I am now.   I know:  hard to believe! 

But ya know -- that was sweet enough for this Valentine!


Terra said...

This post is so cute and clever, yes, clever. You put a funny spin on your Valentine's Day and I am glad you got to have sweet WW treat and some hot tea. Pamper yourself girl.

Nezzy said...

Whew, I was worried there for a minute. I feared ya didn't give in to a little taste of chocolate on Valentine's Day.

That would be a sin, ya know?

God bless ya in your health goal sweetie!!! :o)

Pamela Gordon said...

Good for you on the new challenge! I'm also trying to cut out sweets but with these holidays celebrating all things chocolate (and with Easter bunnies on the shelves already!) I'm having a difficult time. I will keep trying and keep drinking green tea and water and cut back on the cho-----e. Such a bad word!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Don't feel alone there...I didn't get any valentines either. I did have some real chocolate though! I had the candy and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows too. I spent about 20 years gaining 25 pounds that I'd like to get rid of but then none of my clothes would fit, so I guess I'll keep on enjoying my chocolate.

Sweet Tea said...

You are sooooo good! I stuck my face into a chocolate cake yesterday and today I am oh-so-sorry! Reaaally sorry. Heading to the park to walk. I've not been a very good girl this week. At this point I'm set to be you (and Jennifer Hudson's) chubby, little friend. You rock!!

Red said...

I'm sure you'll be a 100% with a sense of humor like that although for a while I thought it was a bitter rant. You had me guessing!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You did the right thing! I'll have to look for those crisps! They look yummy! Send me your address and I'll send you a card! ♥♥♥

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

I have been on WW for months now and I haven't felt this good in years. I have to have my chocolate every day so I have one of those WW giant fudge bars. They are Delish and very satisfying.

Good luck. It is an easy diet -once you get used to it.


I have had years like this for birthdays, holidays, etc. 'Tis horrible you got NOT a single Valentine in return after all you did. WTH were they all thinking? So sad. This is when you look in the mirror and INDULGE yourself. But the WW thing took front and center. Your restraint given the circumstances was admirable. Well done. Take care.


I believe in treating oneself!!! So good for you. WW goodies are better than none. I'm eating very few sweets right now as they bother my indigestion and other stomach problems. Choc is my all time fave thing to have as a treat.
So know that you are not alone in your deprivation!
Enjoy what you can, when you can.
Best always, Barb
Kiddies will grow up and then remember dear old mom! I promise. Mine have.

anangloinquebec said...

Oh boy, can I relate to all of this post! Yep, the weight gain as well. It seems that when I hit 50 recently....everything went wonky! What is up with that??? Anyway, I am cheering for you! And no, there is no such thing as Easter chocolate...very over-rated!!

wendy said...

DANG...that is disappointing after all the lovely things you did for everyone else, that you got nothing back in return.
I am sure that had to make you sad.
BUT....even me and my man, we were low key. We didn't exchange gifts, and just went to the local pizza joing. How's that for romance (tee,hee)

Good for you on the Weight Watchers. I have been trying to exercise daily too and watch my calorie intake. Such a drag. I've lost 6 lbs is all........
but that is because I "cheat" too much.
gotta dig in I guess

Pam said...

I bet they tasted almost as good as real chocolate. I indulged just for the day and then am back on my no sugar (or fun) diet.