Monday, April 9, 2012


TGFEM!  Thank God for Easter Monday!

Why don't I ever listen to myself when I say I'm not going to overdo it for a holiday meal.  As we say in Newfoundland, sometimes I'm as "stunned as me arse"!

It wasn't good enough that I got up at 6 am Easter Sunday to bake 3 dozen muffins for church.  (Which were absolutely delicious, by the way, especially when you coupled them with a boiled egg, a couple of Shirley's pancakes, some scrumptuous bacon, friends & family AND the presence of God !)

No; then I had to come home and cook a small turkey AND a ham (with pineapple mustard glaze).  There were 5 of us for dinner, and it was a great meal and a really enjoyable time together.  Dessert was a let down -- which is sad ..... but then not so sad when I figure that I'd have eaten more if it was good. I bought frozen pies -- blueberry and cherry -- but they were just kind-of sad tasting.  The wine was delicious (as always).
This is Natsumi's plate:  mine held more gluttonous portions
and had a glass of white vino next to it.
The early/busy day, turkey and wine made me very tired.  My bed felt so good last night.  And it was such a treat to have today off.  

I began with a lie-in 'till 8:15.  Yeah!  That's a lie-in!  The girls slept until noon; so, I spent the entire morning with my feet up reading my book.  What a divine way to spend one's time, huh!  And miraculously, as I read and sipped my tea, the time seemed to meander by and not zoom past.  Ahhhhh!
I made up for my lollygagging in the afternoon by preparing turkey soup, split pea and ham soup and a stew; I sliced and diced ham and turkey for this week's sandwiches, and I reheated turkey dinner for our evening meal.  (Isn't that when it's best?  The next day?)

More lollygagging was in order then.  Feet up for Coronation Street; catch-up on emails and blogging; and feet-up later with a new book.


PS - Note to self:  Adopt "simplicity" when it comes to your holiday menu planning!

PPS - Note to self:  From now on, bake your own pie!



Loved this post. Yes, I always promise myself I won't over eat and then I do. WHY OH WHY??? THEN I feel awful.
I agree - pies that are not homemade are not as good. Next time we'll eat less and save room for homemade pie which we both will make instead of buying.
Love that you had a "lie-in." SOunds fun.
Yes, nothing like a cup of tea and a good book.
blessings, Barb

suzanne cabrera said...

Lovin' the lollygagging!

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

As long as the wine was delicious, who needed the cherry pie

Terra said...

You cooked so much on Sunday that you deserved a day of lollygagging, so that worked out perfectly.


You deserved MONDAY off. What a busy weekend you had. All that cooking. Everything sounded DELICIOUS. It might be too cliche, but rather than making a pie... how about some CARROT CAKE, next time. Ours was scrumptious. What book were you reading. I'm always scouting out new authors. You have a good week. Take care.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have always thought we should have that holiday too. Most here have to go back to work the Monday after Easter. Glad you got to have a restful day. Leftovers like that are always wonderful! Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Nezzy said...

Sounds like if anyone deserves a little lollygaggin' it is you my dear!

I bet you provided your 'gals' the best Easter ever!!!

Adopt me please! Heeehehehehe!

God bless ya and have a glorious day:o)

Kay G. said...

I am so smart, I took Monday AND Tuesday off after Easter and I loved it. Will remember to do this in the future. You sound like a good cook, this post made me hungry!