Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday Apr 26.12

Do you keep a list of things you're looking for at the thrift shops?  I always have a running list of thrifting needs and wants; and long on that list has been a pretty set of double bed sheets.  But I can now cross that one off the list.  

I found sheets at my favorite local thrifting shop, The Daisy.  The complete set was $5 (brand new, never opened people!), and although my room is done in blue, they'll be perfect for the girl's bed.  The pretty daisy sheet is a single flat sheet (I already have a white fitted); and when I moved away from home in 1975, I took a set of sheets exactly like this with me.  (Funny thing though -- my current body covers more of the pattern than it did in '75!) 

And then, because a gal never has enough purses, I bought myself this Liz Claiborne paisley-patterned organizer purse ($4 at Frenchies).  Even my herbal tea bags have a spot next to my bottle-return money (which goes into my "City Shopping" jar.)  It's got a good long strap so I can wear it cross my shoulders. 

There were many other fabulous finds on my Frenchies excursion that I'll share after they're washed etc.  It was a good haul!  

But no fear of my bringing home more than I'm getting rid of.  My daughter is moving out this weekend; and with any luck, she'll take half of the basement with her.  (As long as it doesn't come from my refrigerator or my wine cupboard!)

Happy Thrifting!


Nezzy said...

My goodness that is a great little Liz organizer bag. I love' 'em...carry 'em instead of purses.

It's surprisin' what ya can fit into one. I have everything from thread to bandages in mine. Farm Boy tell folks that I can live two weeks outta the thing! Heeehehehehe!!!

Wonderful sheets too!!! Funny you found some just like the ones from your past.

Have a perfectly blessed day sweetie and enjoy your goodies!!! :o)

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

-waving hand- Hello! May I *introduce* myself?!? I am a woman, who never go to thrift shops or yard sales or etc.


-grin- Betcha' you didn't know that a woman like me, existed, did you?!?

I say, I was born without the thrifting gene. But it's more that I hate to accumulate *stuff.*

Even hating it, I still accumulate it. -sigh- -moan- -pout- But I accumulate less, by only buying what I think about getting.

If I go just looking, it's human nature to find more things than I really, really need to accumulate.

-chuckle- No, you don't have to cry for me. I'm really quite happy in my non-thrifting-state. -gigggles-

Gentle hugs,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love Liz bags. You had a really good find there. My goodness half a basement empty??? You'll have some empty spaces to fill.


WOW what are you going to do with an EMPTY basement? The sheets were a find, for sure, still in their packages. I have an old mattress so finding sheets the right height gets complicated. That LIZ purse is awesome. What a bargain. ENJOY!

Susan T said...

Hello from England, you left a message on my blog, thank you. First off what is a thrift store? I think I have a good idea what it is but need a bit of clarification.

Ps Love the title of your blog. I too am a lady of a certain age, but you have probably guessed that.

D said...

Hi, Sandy,
Great finds. I'm glad you found your sheets. I love to thrift, too.

Maery Rose said...

I do have such a list and old heavy irons are on it. They make cute bookends

Jessica Cangiano said...

I make lists for just about everything - very much including those items that I'm hoping to find at yard sales, flea markets, secondhand and thrift shops. It's a lot easier to not veer away from your budget if you list the items you really need (or at the very least, want) instead of just roaming the aisles and buying things that you don't actually need.

Thank you very much, dear Sandy, for your wonderfully sweet comment on my Coral Femme Fatale vintage outfit post today, I really appreciate it. I was worried that lippy shade came across as too pale on camera (it looks a lot darker in real life), so I'm really happy to know you liked it.

Big hugs & oodles of joyful wishes for the month of May,
♥ Jessica

Pat MacKenzie said...

Great thrifting finds - you always come away with such treasures.

To answer the question you left on my blog, I don't know if I have any relatives in Jeddore. Mostly the Logans in Upper Musquodoboit and the McCarthys in the Halifax area. It would be fun to discover we're related though.