Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lollygagging in Liverpool...

I took myself on a solo daytrip to Liverpool (30 min drive) on this lovely sunny Friday afternoon.

First stop?  
Duh!  Frenchies!  (Gotta love those exotic Frenchies in far off locales.)  
Here I am in the dressing room modelling my $3.95
stretch-cotton Covington skirt and a sweet
little "picture doesn't do it justice" $2.95 summer t-shirt. 

I lunched at the newly opened "Memories Cafe" -- lime Italian soda - good; reuben pannini - good; so-called Black Forest Cake - sad sad sad!  A slice of moderately good chocolate cake topped with canned cherry pie filling and whipped topping!  Sandy wept!

I strolled the main street and visited an art show, gift shop, shoe shop and two Dollar Stores.  I exchanged pleasantries with the locals, petted doggies and slurped my Italian soda.     

As I'd doggy-bagged half my lunch, I walked up a bit of an appetite in my sight-seeing.  So, I visited the "Chippy Chippy Bang Bang" wagon for a plate of English style chips. 
Those did not disappoint.  Look at them!  Huge chunky golden home-made fries.  And after drowning them in cider vinegar, I sat by the river to eat and let the beautiful sun and the lovely light breeze refresh me.


Sharon said...

This is my kind of day. Glad you enjoyed it except boo hiss on the canned cherry pie filling. You certainly deserved this day after being sick all week! Loved your pictures!

Hitchhiker42 said...

That's awesome! I should go to Liverpool some time. Heck, I work right next to the Dublin Port. The ferry goes over there like six times a day.

That cafe' looks like fun. The lime soda sounds super good. That's a favorite around our house. Groovy!

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

What a lovely way to celebrate feeling all better!!!!!!!!!!

"You cannot open a book
without learning something."

~ Confucius~

"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

Btw, I *grabbed* your Sidebar button, which says "I pledge to read the printed word."

Hope that is ok. I'm sure it is. :-)

"You cannot open a book
without learning something."

~ Confucius~

Sweet Tea said...

Cider vinegar on fries???!!!
Girl, that's WRONG! LOL
Never heard of that before!

Diana said...

I've heard of Cider Vinegar on fries but never tried it. Although Frito Lay has Vinegar chips which I just love so I would try the fries!
What a beautiful day you had and such a bargain on the skirt and top, one I wouldn't pass on myself!!
I could use a fun day like that!!
Love Di ♥

Liane said...

We grew up having vinegar on our's a New England thing...and my kids think it's disgusting! There's nothing more (well maybe 1 or 2 things) disappointing than a "so-so" dessert. So glad you enjoyed your day!


I loved hearing about the cider vinegar on the fries. When my hubby and I first met, he would do that. Thought that skirt and shirt you found were AWESOME. It's nice to getaway isn't it?

Donna Laprade said...

Never tried cider vinegar on fries but love them with malt vinegar. I grew up an hour away from Liverpool, in Shelburne. Live in HRM now, just on the other side of Cole Harbour.