Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The loveliness of rain!

After a stellar weekend with temperatures in the mid and high 20's (celsius), I awoke this morning to a rain showers.  And aren't they lovely.

Yes, rain can be lovely, let me count the ways:

  1.  Isn't it lovely to fall asleep to the sound of gentle rain.

  2.  It fills up the little brook outside my door and makes it either roar or babble -- both lovely.
   3.  It's Nature's car wash, especially good when your car just needs a little rinse.  

  4.  It's perfect when your well or your cistern needs refilling.

  5.  Frogs, ducks and minnows love the rain; so do the birds in our bird baths.

  6.  It makes everything look clean, fresh and new -- the dirty streets, the dusty park benches, the plastic deck chairs.

  7. It 's so refreshing after the hot, sultry, summer heat that we all know will be here soon.

  8.  The garden loves it.  

I spent every day this weekend in my garden.  It was bliss followed by eptom salts baths and collapsing on the couch.  I had to move one entire bed out front (because I inadvertently planted it on my neighbors property [duplex] and they're selling this summer).  The hardest move was my 3 year old Holly bush; and as I was unable to solicit any help from big-strong males, I tackled it myself.  Ugh!  

Me am strong like bull!
(Me am foolish and full of bull!)

After a lot of starts and stops, grunts and groans, I did it, sprinkling that newly dug (but a little small) hole with bone meal and sheep compost, tucking in all the bits of root that didn't want to fit covering it with lovely black dirt, watering it twice daily, telling it how much I loved it and wanted it to be happy in it's new location -- and then praying over it (as well as the laying on of hands!).  So far, it still looks good.  But I'll keep praying and watering for a while yet!

My knees are creaky, my back is achey, my nails are permanently stained and my gardens are so happy.  Especially with this gentle rain.

It is lovely! 



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Rainy days are good to get the inside work done. The nice days I love to be outdoors. Moving that bush must have really been a lot of work. Glad you discovered it was on their property before they sold it. We've got most of our flower beds ready now but still have some thinning out to do in a few more places. I'm running out of places to transfer things. Hope your Tuesday is terrific.

Pamela Gordon said...

We did yard work most of Monday and I feel as stiff and sore as you do. We had some rain at noontime and it's quite humid so we may get a thunder shower later. I love a warm rain best.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I hear ya sister. At the end of the day I sound like a one woman rhythm band!!!

Yep, the rain is goooood. We were burnin' up here and the grass was August crunch when we were bless with almost an inch and a half Sunday! The soybean crop is almost as happy as I am!

God bless ya girl and have an awesome day!!! :o)

Jack said...

Oh, yes, I'm so feeling the bush story! I'm in the process of planting a hedge, one bush at a time, and have to remove an old plant from each hole before I can install the new one. Back and knees, eh?

And your thoughts on rain... Sunday I posted an article about the effects of sounds on your well-being. Almost a kismet effect, how similar they are.

Y'all rest your carcass, now; I'm feelin' that part, too!

Sweet Tea said...

We sure need some of that lovely rain you described. I walked to the mailbox today and felt the grass "crunch" under my feet.

Diana said...

We are so on the same page! You don't have to sell me on the rain, love it. Especially falling asleep to it.
And the gardening. If I could, that's all I would do.
Take a nice long soak, you deserve it! love Di ♥

Joyce Ann said...

I love the sound of rain, the best is when we are in our motor coach, on the road. I love the sound the rain makes, it is the best ever.


i LOVE the gentle touch of rain as it pitter patters on the sidewalk and roof. The flowers glisten with it, when the sun comes out again. ENJOY the raindrops falling on your head. take care.

My Journey With Candida said...

We need rain here, very badly. I thought yesterday it might rain so I went out and worked the garden. No rain but I sure did hurt my hand.

Love your post!! Also, the name of your blog is great... I sure can relate.

bj said...

We, who are in a deep drought, have had a few small rains and we are oh so thankful.
Have fun in your garden.

Rebecca said...

So happy you got some rain (we could use it)....and can identify with the need for a good soak with Epsom salts. I'm definitely living out the reality of your blog name :)

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for your attitude. I need to visit more often, versus whining anytime a raindrop hits.


"Auntie" sezzzzzz... said...

A little brook, outside your door. How delightful...

Thank you for the reading suggestion, you left in my comments!

"To be astonished
is one of the surest ways
of not growing old too quickly."

~Gabrielle Colette