Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thrifting, Eating & Family!

I have been fairly MIA lately.  But did I mention 1 university daughter coming home, 2 international students leaving, 1 lovely older daughter visiting, 1 middle daughter moving out and a new part-time job on the horizon?  

So, my eldest daughter and I snuck away (I know that's not a real word but I love it's perfection of definition!)  last weekend to do a Valley trip complete with hitting every Frenchies and thrift store (8 in total) on that shore, visiting good friends and eating lots and lots of good food and wine.

Don't ask me yet what's in all those bags from Frenchies.  Shared goodie bags -- some for my eldest, some for my middle and some for me.  LOTS of wonderful finds (which will be featured in some future posts).  How wonderful it was for me to have such good companionship as well as  another avid Frenchies shopper! 

3 great restaurants -- 1. Wheaton's outside Berwick for lobster rolls, chowder & an amazing coconut cream cake.  2.  Pete Luckett's Vineyard for duck, crab/corn cakes, steak w/ asparagus purree & key line cheesecake (and the most sumptuous bottle of red wine "Red Box").  3.  The Tempest in Wolfville for Dragon's Breath hamburgers (gorgeous 'n' pungent blue cheese tucked inside)  topped with a sweet onion marmalade.

Who needs to diet now?

This week I'm busy at work getting things in order because on Friday I begin my vacation.  I have to say farewell to my lovely Amy.  But to soothe my emotions, there'll be a Value Village nearby.  I also hear tell that this will be followed by a pirate party and a trip to scenic Cape Breton to visit a good friend.

What a summer I'm having!  How will I ever get those decks painted with all this fun and gadding about happening?  

Well, there's always August!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Summer and its beautiful days always goes by much to quickly so just enjoy it while you can.

Starting Over, Accepting Changes - Maybe said...

You wear me out just thinking of all you do. With this terrible heat we are having, it is enough for me to go out and get my mail.

Pamela Gordon said...

You are a busy gal but that is a good thing! Your photos of all that delicious food make me want to visit NS! I love lobster and that lobster roll looks really stuffed. Yum! Have fun on your vacation.

Diana said...

What a fun summer girl!! Good for you. Forget the deck, it's not going anywhere, LOL!!! Thrifting is my favorite pastime. The food looks great! Love Di ♥

Sweet Tea said...

The decks can wait while you're living life to the utmost. I LOVE it girl, never a dull moment!!

Kay G. said...

Shopping, eating good food and enjoying fine wine. sounds ideal!

Pondside said...

Hmmmn - I thought I was following, but it seems I wasn't - must remedy that.
Years ago I had a friend who shopped at Frenchie's and then came back to Ontario to regale me with tales of shopping wonder. How I wanted to visit!
I hope you have a great holiday - Cape Breton - that's my birthplace, and as they say in the song 'Home of my Heart'.