Friday, February 1, 2013

Rabbit Rabbit Everyone: Time to Dance Walk

February 1st already!  Rabbit rabbit everybody!  I'm hoping that February is better than January because that ole' sugar monkey is still lurking round every corner and occasionally jumping on my back.  And the freezing temperatures have been keeping me indoors and inactive.  Aarg!  I need some first-day-of-the-month "rabbit rabbit" luck --- or some willpower --- both in short supply here.  

Nevertheless, I do not give up.  No, I do not back down.  I do not admit defeat.  I am woman!  Hear me roar!  (Or belch ... or fart ... or sigh.)  

This time of year calls for a general shake up.  Perhaps I need to try a different approach.  Perhaps I need to change what I would normally do for fitness?  Perhaps I even need to change my fitness venue?  You know, a change of scenery might  add some pizazz to working out and some healthy oomph to my cooking.  

Or perhaps I could just grow a backbone and NOT buy chocolate biscuits?

Anyway .............

Don't you find that it's a little easier to bring positive change to your life when other changes are happening?  For instance, here it is a brand new month (with little or no screw-ups yet).  I've a new Japanese student with me; it's the start of a new school semester; and there's been a change in my weekly work schedule.  A perfect opportunity to add one more new thing to the mix.  And by changing up my fitness routine, perhaps it'll be a catalyst to really catching hold of regular  healthy eating.

Mind you, some things don't need to change in my life:  green smoothies for breakfast, salads 'n' EVO dressings (with those lovely fig or cranberry vinegars); drinking lots of H2O.  

And here's an idea whose time has come, I believe.  I've been doing this on a small scale ever since I first had children I could embarrass.  And I just love being given the okay to go for it big time and involve others.

Dance walking anyone?

See you at the supermarket where disco will be making a come-back in my earphones!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is nice to think about making some positive changes. I put away my snowmen decor and put up some things for Valentines day to decorate my home for February. I love red and it sure does brighten up a cold winter day. I'd had it with snowmen. That is all I've been seeing...snow. I'm sitting here with the sun shinning through the windows today but brrrchill! it is cold outside. Have a fantastic Friday!

Janet said...

Love the Dance Walking!!! And yay for new months - fresh slate!! Enjoy the excitement of a new student, Sandy - and good luck with the 'not buy chocolate biscuits' strategy :)

Marissa said...

Oh that sugar monkey. ..its been on my back all January too..I think I'll wait one more week. Until after super bowl. .haha. always an excurse with me.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Yay for a new month! Shaking up a fitness routine is always a good idea. I got my husband P90X for Christmas and we're both doing it. It's hard! But fun!

Pondside said...

That was so much fun to watch - yes, I could see myself embarrassing everyone I know by doing that down Government Street!

Marguerite said...

That video was AWESOME. Love the original guy just doing his thing down the street. Such a happy fellow, much to be learned there :)